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Brooklyn Columbus Day Things To Do - Brooklyn Columbus Day Weekend Events in Brooklyn NYC

May 06, 2019 at 07:08 pm by mikewood

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Columbus Day Weekend in Brooklyn NYC

Things To Do in Brooklyn Over The Columbus Day Weekend

brooklyn things to do columbus day weekend events brooklyn bk things to do brooklyn columbus day weekend BK nycOctober 7, 2019 / Things To Do NYC / Brooklyn Blvd NYC.

More Columbus Day events coming on the Friday of this weekend.

Also see updated Weather by clicking the header above to go to the Front Page for Weekend Update.

This weekend you can go bicycling in Brooklyn, play soccer & other games in Brooklyn parks, go shopping Brooklyn, attend Brooklyn parades, watch theater, visit the Brooklyn art museums, and eat out at one of the Brooklyn restaurants.

And it's all happening right here in Brooklyn. So take your time to sort through the days and locations and start planning your weekend.


Columbus Day Events in Brooklyn

Click here to obtain information about things to do Columbus Day Weekend in Brooklyn. This events calendar is updated monthly with dozens of different Brooklyn fun cultural events.

brooklyn things to do columbus day weekend events brooklyn bk things to do brooklyn columbus day weekend BK nyc

Brooklyn Public & Private Parks

Brooklyn has one of number of public parks of which a few include swimming facilities. Click here for a listing of the Brooklyn Parks including maps showing their locations along with a bit of park history. This is coming at a later date.


NYC Golfing in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has two golf courses and both of them are open this weekend. There's the Dyker Beach Golf Course in Dyker Heights in the southern end of Brooklyn and there's the Marine Park Golf Course in the Marine Park neighborhood with is at the southeastern end of Brooklyn.

Click here for details about Brooklyn golf courses including maps and links to the operators' websites. The links are coming at a later date.

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Columbus Day Weekend in Brooklyn

Things To Do in Brooklyn Over the Columbus Day Weekend

August 29, 2019 / Things To Do NYC / Brooklyn Blvd NYC.

Art Exhibits Brooklyn & NYC - Columbus Day Weekend

brooklyn museum photo brooklyn things to do prospect park neighborhood brooklyn nycClick here to view some of the in-progress art exhibits in Brooklyn this Columbus Day weekend. There are too many museums to showcase in this short space, but here are a few that are among the highlights of Brooklyn museums this weekend.

The Brooklyn Museum

Location.The Brooklyn Museum is located at 200 Eastern Parkway in the Park Slope / Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.


Dance, Theater & Music in Brooklyn NYC - Columbus Day Weekend

brooklyn academy of music brooklyn things to do fort greene prospect heights neighborhood brooklyn nycClick here to view the Theatre section of the Brooklyn Events Calendar to see what's doing this columbus Day weekend in theater in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn Academy of Music

Location. Located at 30 Lafayette Street in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Academy of Music is one of the premier performing arts centers of NYC. They cultivate, host and present avante garde and classical music, dance and theater.


Kings Theatre Brooklyn in Flatbush Ditmas

brooklyn kings theater brooklyn things to do flatbush ditmas neighborhood brooklyn nycLocation. Located at 1027 Flatbush Avenue in the Flatbush Ditmas Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The Kings Theatre is an historic theater which opened in 1929 as a Loews movie theater in the early days of film. After years of neglect, the building was closed in 1977, and in 2010 restoration work began, completed in 2015. Today it is an evolving performing arts space / cultural center in the Flatbush Ditmas nieghborhood. Capacity 3,000.


Film in Brooklyn over the columbus Day Weekend

Nitehawk Cinema - Movies, Dining & Drinks

Location. At 136 Metropolitan Avenue in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Nitehawk Cinema is a film / dinner theater in Williamsburg. There are generally two seatings per evening. They host special events. Not sure if you can view films w/o dinner. And they host numerous special events.


History in Brooklyn over the Columbus Day Weekend

Brooklyn Historical Society in Brooklyn Heights

brooklyn historical society brooklyn things to do brooklyn nycLocations. The Brooklyn Historical Society has two sites.

The original is located at 128 Pierrepont in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood and the second is located at 55 Water Street in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Historical Society hosts exhibits, films and lectures.



New York Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn

brooklyn transit museum ny transit museum brooklyn new york transit museum brooklyn downtown things to do brooklyn nycLocation. Located at 99 Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn.


They host exhibits, films and lectures about municipal transportation focused on NYC.



Fort Hamilton in Dyker Heightsbrooklyn things to do fort hamilton dyker heights brooklyn things to do brooklyn nyc

Location. 101st Street at 4th Avenue in the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

One of the oldest operational forts in Brooklyn, NYC & America lies opposite the Verrazzano Narrows from Fort Wadsworth on Brooklyn. One of two overlooking the primary gateway into NYC harbor. It was built between 1825 - 1831 and used as a training base during the American Civil War.


Floyd Bennett Field Aviation Museum in Marine Park Brooklyn NYC

floyd bennett field historic sites brooklyn things to do brooklyn nycLocation. Located in the Marine Park neighborhood in the southeast corner of Brooklyn, along Jamaica Bay.

Floyd Bennett Field was built in 1928 and was the first airport in NYC. LaGuardia Airport replaced Floyd Bennett Field because of the lengthy ride into the city through Brooklyn. Eventually JFK was established as NYC's third airport [but Floyd Bennett Field has since been closed so there are only two airports in NYC / Newark is considered a third to reach the city], becoming the landing and take off destination for long haul / international flights that required longer runways. After being replaced by LaGuardia, Floyd Bennett Field became a naval air station.


The Hendrick I. Lott House in Marine Park Brooklyn

hendrick house photos brooklyn historic sites brooklyn things to do marine park brooklyn nycLocation. At 1940 East 36th Street in the Marine Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Hendrick House Museum is an historic house in the Marine Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. It was first built in 1720 and modified in 1800. It harks back to the Dutch colonial past.



Green-Wood Cemetery in Greenwood Heights Brooklyn

brooklyn green-wood cemetery photo brooklyn things to do greenwood heights neighborhood brooklyn nycLocation. At 500 25th Street at 5th Avenue in Greenwood Heights Brooklyn. There are four entrances, including the Gothic Arch at the Main Entrance. Green-Wood Cemetery was established in 1838 and is one of the oldest remaining cemeteries in Brooklyn. In addition to the graveyard there are a couple of buildings at the cemetery where exhibits are occasionally presented. And it was given an arboretum award.



Street Fairs Columbus Day Weekend in Brooklyn

On Columbus Day Weekend in Brooklyn there are a number of street fairs / festivals planned, including in the Columbus Day Parade & Festival which you can learn more about by clicking into our Brooklyn street fairs page below.

At the Wyckoff House they are hosting a Brooklyn Farmers Market on Columbus Day Weekend, and there are others.


Shopping in Brooklyn & NYC

This is a great weekend to do a bit of shopping during the pleasant weekend weather. Click here to view our shopping sections for Brooklyn at a later date. Both the Barclays Center area and the Industry City offer a plethora of shopping sites.brooklyn atlantic terminal photo brooklyn shopping fort greene neighborhood brooklyn nyc

Each of these shopping sections includes, or will include, links to home pages, which have slide shows of merchandise as well as maps, store hours, phone numbers and telephone numbers.

Click here to view the Columbus Day Weekend Street Fairs in Brooklyn, including dates, times and map links.


Parks and Beaches in Brooklyn - Columbus Day Weekend

As mentioned above Brooklyn has two public golf courses, including things to do brooklyn nyc coney island brighton beach brooklyn nycthe Dyker Heights Golf Course and the Marine Park Golf course. These are open Columbus Day Weekend in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn also has some very beautiful beaches, most notably located along the Coney Island / Brighton Beach Boardwalk at the southern end of the Brooklyn borough. More on this later.


things  to do brooklyn prospect park photo brooklyn things to do park slope neighborhood brooklyn nycProspect Park is the Central Park of Brooklyn

Location. Prospect Park is adjacent to Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Flatbush Ditmas and other Brooklyn neighborhoods. Prospect Park is the premier park in central Brooklyn and home to a number of Brooklyn cultural attactions including the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Botanic and the Brooklyn Zoo.



21st Century Park in Brooklyn Heights

brooklyn bridge park photo brooklyn things to do brooklyn heights neighborhood brooklyn nycLocation. At 334 Furman in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. A relatively new park comprised of 85 acres along the East River near the NYC Harbor.




Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn - Near Prospect Heights

brooklyn prospect park zoo photo brooklyn things to do prospect park neighborhood brooklyn nyc Location. The Brooklyn Zoo is located at 450 Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Park.The Prospect Park Zoo is the premier zoo in Brooklyn.




Brooklyn Botanic Gardenbrooklyn botanic garden photo brooklyn things to do prospect park neighborhood brooklyn nyc

Location. Brooklyn Botanic Garden has two entrances - at 990 Washington Avenue and 445 Flatbush Avenue in the Prospect Park / Lefferts Gardens neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Founded in 1910 the 52 acre garden is a collection of smaller gardens.


Bicycling in Brooklyn NYC

brooklyn bike shops on brooklyn bicycling brooklyn bike events si bike shops brooklyn si nycBrooklyn has a number of bike paths, which provide cyclists with some protection. Click here to view a report about bike laws in NYC so you can ride safely. There's a program called Citi Bikes, which allows you to rent a bike using your credit card. Whereever you find bike racks filled with blue bicycles - take a closer look and it's probably a Citi Bike rack and you can rent a bike from there and return it to any of their racks around NYC.


I'm working on a useable map of bike trails in Brooklyn, but it'll be a while so don't hold your breath. usually has a good one on their website. In the photo to your right, are the 5 Boro Bike Riders cycling through NYC.



Kyaking & Boating in Brooklyn NYC

brooklyn environmental groups kyaking brooklyn nycAs of this posting, I'm not yet familiar with the boating options available in Brooklyn, except to say that there are a few options notably around the Gowanus Canal and also on Newtown Creek in the Greenpoint area. At a later date we'll return here to update this with our own findings.



Dining in Brooklyn NYC

Food in Brooklyn has always been good. The variety of restaurant choices includes Italian, Irish, Latin and Asian, and if you look carefully, you can find good food at reasonable prices too.

brooklyn things to do columbus day weekend brooklyn arts dining culture history events on brooklyn columbus day weekend si nycClick here to view the Brooklyn Restaurants NYC section of the site, which includes reviews of the restaurants we've selected to review. As of this writing, we've identified some of our old favorites, but haven't done the deep dive yet.

Other things to do coming in the future.

And if you feel the urge to go elsewhere, here's a list of and Things to do Manhattan Columbus Day Weekend and Queens Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend and Things to do Bronx Columbus Day Weekend and Brooklyn Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend and Staten Island Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend. More events will be added to the Front Pages of each of these sites on Friday.

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Click for Neighborhoods / Restaurants / Shopping & Holidays.

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Brooklyn Holidays & Hotels in NYC

Brooklyn Holidays & Hotels Related Info

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