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NYC St Patricks Day Pubs Bars & Restaurants - Places to Celebrate St Pats Day in NYC Manhattan Brooklyn Queens Bronx Staten Island

May 19, 2023 at 12:15 am by PeterParker

nyc st patricks day pubs bars restaurants nyc st pats day irish pubs all 5 boroughs boros nyc manhattan brooklyn queens bronx staten island places to celebrate st pats day in nyc

St Pat's Day NYC 2023 - Irish Pubs, Bars & Restaurants in NYC

Most Irish Pubs, Bars & Restaurants We Cover Survived & Are Ready to Party, but Remember Reduced Capacity Seating Offset by Outdoor Seating & CoVid Guidelines Still Apply

nyc irish pubs st pats day bars restaurants manhattan queens bronx brooklyn staten island st patricks day irish pubs bars restaurants nycMarch 4, 2023 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Irish Pubs Bars & Restaurants / Gotham Buzz NYC.

We're a bit more than a week away from St. Patrick's Day 2023. Three years ago we were all waking up to a new reality ... the CoVid pandemic. So back then the NYC St. Patrick's Day parade in Manhattan was hugely scaled down ... and many in the outer boroughs were cancelled. This year they all return in spades.

Restaurants and bars are back to some sort of normal and most still have outdoor dining. The current weather forecast [as of 3/4/23] for St. Patrick's Day calls for temperatures to range from 50 - 60 degrees with a possibility of precipitation.

I've compiled a set of Irish pubs, bars and restaurants in each borough for you to peruse, if you're contemplating going out that day. Please remember, that like New Years Eve, all the amateur drinkers come out, including those not Irish, so be careful.

So enjoy yourself, responsibly and respectfully, so that the day after St. Patricks Day is a good one too.