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Brett Kavanaugh - Trump Attacks Christine Blasey Ford - American Corporate Media Failure

Oct 04, 2018 at 03:41 pm by mikewood

brett kavanaugh candidate for supreme court justice trump supports brett kavanaugh by attacking christine blasey ford u.s. corporate media failure kavanaugh blasey ford

Kavanaugh: American Corporate Media Failure

Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT and WAPO all Sow Disinformation by Repeating Trump Attacks on Blasey Ford w/o Specifically Refuting all of Them

Only CBS's Late Show with Stephen Colbert had the Intelligence, Decency & took the Initiative to do so

October 4, 2018 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics & Government / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

The six largest American media corporations unanimously added insult to injury, regarding Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, which alleged Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her several decades ago.

Every one of them repeated Trump's false attacks on her or showed video of Trump falsely mocking Christine Blasey Ford on Tuesday, October 2nd. Trump said Blasey Ford didn't know in which neighborhood this happened [Bethesda, Md], where the house party was [between Blasey Ford's house and the country club], when this happened [36 years ago], and was it upstairs or downstairs [at the top of the stairs].

One of the big news corporations said Blasey Ford was 100% sure it was Kavanaugh, but without providing added supporting evidence. Another outlet went on to replay and amplify multiple other of Trump fake news comments, again failing to directly refute all of the ones Trump had just made regarding Blasey Ford's testimony, which was less than a week ago. And a third major American news outlet noted that as recently as last week Trump had declared Blasey Ford gave credible testimony. But so what? Trump says lots of contradictory things. So now, like so many times before, Trump contradicts himself allowing his followers to believe what they want to believe, amplified by the American corporate media.

These large media corporations, with all their resources and well educated journalists, didn't have the decency, intellect, and didn't take the initiative to do a little - very little - fact checking of the less than week old testimony.

America has a broken public information system. And when the public information system is broken, the nation is like an aircraft that has lost its flight instrumentation. The nation is flying blind. We're flying blind and making bad decisions because we are not getting accurate readings on what's going on, and where we are.

Russian billionaires and foreign companies may soon have more pull with the Supreme Court than 'We The People'. It seems the Russians already have significant influence with many of our Senators and President - see more about this in a prior report we did about Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nominee.

Kavanaugh: American Corporate Media Failure

Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT and WAPO all Sow Disinformation by Repeating Trump Attacks on Blasey Ford w/o Specifically Refuting all of Them

Only CBS's Late Show with Stephen Colbert had the Intelligence, Decency & took the Initiative to do so

October 4, 2018 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics & Government / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.


Media Malpractice & Malfunction

Corporations Providing News to 80%+ of Americans Failed

Not one of the six major corporate news organizations 'SPECIFICALLY REFUTED' all of Trump's false claims regarding Blasey Ford's testimony.

ONLY The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, a late night comedy show, put in the effort to review Trump's allegations and accurately and specifically refute all of them.

The sad thing is that these same large media corporations appear to have been providing this same kind of parrot press journalism to the American public for years. The corporate media appear to repeat, amplify and thus validate so much of Donald Trump's disinformation. They have failed their audiences by not providing equal prominence and equal time / space to specifically and accurately contextualize or refute the innumerable false statements made by the Donald. Trump is wielding the bully pulpit, and the American corporate press is enabling him for their ratings.

I'm providing this example, to provide an illustration of what's going on. It gives you the chance to see the American corporate media failure in plain sight. I recommend to everyone to start using the internet more aggressively in order to obtain a fuller picture of what's going on in this nation, because watching American corporate broadcast TV doesn't even come close to cutting it these days.


Yes the System is Rigged, but Trump is NOT Fixing it

There are a lot of things broken in this country right now. Corporate money owns our legislators because they fund their expensive campaigns. And two prominent Republicans have recently publicly stated as much.

I. In an April 11, 2018 New Yorker report, Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy made a couple of comments in a hearing with Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg as follows.

""There are going to be a whole bunch of bills introduced to regulate Facebook," he told Zuckerberg. "It's up to you whether they pass or not."

And Kennedy added why it was up to Zuckerberg, when he stated that

"Zuckerberg could, Kennedy said, "spend ten million dollars on lobbyists and fight us ...""

II. An April 25, 2018 story in Vox informs us that former South Caroline Congressman and current head of the Trump Administration's Office of Budget and Management, Mick Mulvaney told a conference of 1,300 bankers in Washington, D.C. the following,

""We had a hierarchy in my office in Congress," Mulvaney said. "If you're a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn't talk to you. If you're a lobbyist who gave us money, I might talk to you.""

[Editor's Note: The main message here seems to be that if you're an ordinary citizen you can just go hang yourself because you don't stand a chance to get their attention.]

We, the American people, have allowed ourselves to become the last / least concern of our own representatives.

And many of the folks currently in office aren't going to fix it because they are some of the primary beneficiaries of the broken system. Not just the pols, but the large corporate media companies as well.

We are down to the Founding Fathers' last fail safe in our democratic system - the 'We The People' part. Meaning the American people need to get involved in grassroots organizations, make an effort to do peer to peer mass dissemination of accurate or more complete / contextualized information, and help sign up people to vote and then help them exercise the power of the vote.

FALSE EQUIVOCATION: A Word on the Kavanaugh Confirmation

It's a Job Interview, NOT Court Proceeding, for a LIFETIME Position

The Republicans have been saying innocent until proven guilty - but that is for court proceedings, not job interviews in Senate hearings. Kavanaugh's and Blasey Ford's testimony in front of the Senate was a hearing, where they are considering appointing a job applicant to a lifetime position, while serious allegations about Kavanaugh's character and behavior are still UNRESOLVED.

An appointment to the Supreme Court is for a LIFETIME.

The wide number of serious allegations regarding Kavanaugh's behavior will impugn the integrity and impartiality of the Supreme Court, should he be confirmed.

If Kavanaugh is not confirmed he will not go to jail and he will still have his job. So the allegations against Kavanaugh do not need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, because the only repercussions are that he doesn't get the job he wants and keeps the one he has.

Senators should be urged to vote against Kavanaugh's confirmation as there are too many different, UNRESOLVED, serious allegations from a wide variety of what appear to be credible sources regarding Brett Kavanaugh's character. How can a Senator justify the confirmation of Kavanaugh for a LIFETIME position on the Supreme Court without further investigation of these serious issues?

The allegations include alcoholism, physical aggression, sex offenses, compulsive GAMBLING, partisan legal interpretations, lying and possible financial troubles.

Furthermore these allegations appear to be coming from so many different, seemingly credible sources, that they cannot be dismissed with only a week long FBI investigation.

The 'limited' FBI investigation seems to be another smoke screen put up by the Donald for his blockbuster ratings reality TV show: The Unreal Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

A vote for Brett Kavanaugh is a vote to impugn the integrity of the Supreme Court. Which I suspect is exactly what the 'red' state Republicans' Russian paymasters want.

For more detail of Russian money / influence with some of the Republican Senators [Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio] playing key roles in these hearings, see the report about Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nominee, which as of this post, is available further down the front page.

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