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Donald Quacks in the First Presidential Debate 2020 vs Joe Biden

Nov 29, 2020 at 06:41 pm by mikewood

donald trump cracks in the first presidential debate with joe biden

The Donald Quacks in First Debate of 2020

Trump Takes Time Off From "Making America Great" to Debate Biden

September 30, 2020 /NYC Neighborhoods / U.S. Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

trump biden debate first biden trump debate sept 2020If it weren’t so real, it would have been very funny.

A sitting president, who campaigned on the theme that he would Make America Great Again, is responsible for record breaking debt, a record breaking deficit, one of the worst economies since the Great Recession and Great Depression, failing to mitigate a still out of control raging pandemic, unable to calm racist induced social unrest for which it seems only fair to credit him with helping cause.

No. But wait - there's more. Then there are vast fires still raging on the west coast, and we're not yet completely through one of the worst hurricane seasons ever. The abnormal size and amount of fires and hurricanes appear to have been caused in part by climate change - the reality of which 'the president' denies.

No. But wait - there's more. And this depiction doesn’t include what he’s done to our foreign policy, by shirking our allies and cottoning up to dictators, while overseeing near record trade deficits.

If all this isn’t 'Making America Great Again', then please tell me, what will? Come on, this would be really, really funny - if it were reality TV - not just plain old REALITY.

In the photo at right, moderator Chris Wallace is begging President Trump to please quit interrupting former Vice President Biden.


Reality vs Reality TV: What's Real Depends on Who You Are & Who You Trust

We may not be so rich that we don’t know how to spend the money, as Trump seemed to promise us while campaigning in 2016. But maybe Trump wasn’t speaking to us out in the audience, but rather directing his comments and promises to his multi-millionaire TV hosts on Fox 'News'. That might be why Sean Hannity keeps telling us promises made and promises kept despite a litany of Trump failures on healthcare, the deficit, law and order, the debt, the wall, the economy and so forth. The people living in the Trump bubble, like the enabling multi-millionaire pundits on Fox TV, are doing just fine.

The Donald Quacks in First Debate of 2020

Trump Takes Time Off From "Making America Great" to Debate Biden

September 30, 2020 /NYC Neighborhoods / U.S. Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

If it weren’t so real, it would have been very funny. Continued.


The debate last night is hard describe, other than to say it was emetic.

trump biden debate first biden trump debate sept 2020The Donald behaved like a rich, spoiled, petulant nine year old, who knows he’s about to have his toys taken away. He was so angry, that he came out onto the stage - not as a president - but as the uneducated, uncouth, uncivilized, beast of the man that he is. I guess that’s what the Trumpster fans love about him. That he’s an animal. Aaaayyyyyoooooo.

Perhaps that’s why Melania treats the Donald like her dog. She spanks his hands down, when he paws her in public, kind of reminiscent of the 1962 movie "If a Man Answers", where a French mother teaches her daughter that the trick to handling men is to treat them like man's best friend. It's rumored that in some instances, the mammalian I.Q.s are comparable.

The Esquire magazine cover at right portrays an angry showman, the Donald, who like Adolph Hitler in the late 1920's and early 1930's, seems to have channelled the anger and frustration of many in the working class. But like Hitler, the public persona seems an act, covering up the more sinister side of an allegedly sociopathic personality.


The 'Substance' of the First Presidential Debate 2020 in a Nutshell

The debate was hard to watch. Horrifying even, as it hinted at the monster of the angry, dictatorial and oh, so, tiny man we would certainly see, if we allow him to steal a second term. Trump couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He couldn’t stop himself from repeatedly interrupting. He didn’t exercise even the slightest modicum of self control, let alone good manners. He’s a presidential shock jock, who has made his living by making racist rants and raves, assailing respect for one's fellow[wo]men, as well as good behavior and good manners.

Trump, in tandem with the Murdoch Ministry of Propaganda, labels good behavior, respectful behavior - as politically correct - in an effort to diminish or dismiss it. And they argue in favor of misogynistic and racist speech as 'free speech' - which may be true - but at its core, surely not in accordance with the Founding Fathers' intentions.

Biden’s notable comments included that Donald Trump is the worst president this nation has ever seen, that Trump has accomplished nothing good, that Biden is [represents] the Democratic Party and that Trump should “shut up” - which seems good advice to a president whose mouth is perennially open.


Donald the Dictator or the Trump Royal Family - Fox News Says 'You Decide'

trump biden debate first biden trump debate sept 2020The notable comments made by Trump have been cited by the mainstream media, including that the Donald wouldn’t denounce white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys nor instruct them to accept the results of the election if he doesn’t win. Instead he said they should “stand back and stand by”. He also indicated he wouldn’t accept the election results unless they showed him the winner. And it's worth reminding people that Trump believes he's entitled to a third term because the Russian investigation distracted him and protests erupted as his first term began. And Bloomberg News reports that in an upcoming book to be released in October, Trump wanted his daughter Iskanka to be his running mate in 2016. Trump dismisses the allegation as 'ridiculous'. Is this the dawn of the post Constitution American Royal Family?

The graphic at right shows magazines and newspaper accounts of the numerous business failures of Donald Trump, which I found on a PBS documentary. It seems the reality of the house of cards built by the Donald, used the millions he inherited from his rich father - some of which are alleged to have been obtained illegally - as well as by his tax avoidance, which may prove to be a tax fraud, valued at $100 million.

Fox News says 'You Decide', which like its 'Fair & Balanced' slogan, seems a mockery of the ignorant people who trust them as their primary source of information. Murdoch's audience decides using Murdoch's distorted, reality-alterring and oftentimes racist, presentation of people, policies and events.


Our Democratic Republic Appears Under Siege by a Couple of Con Men

To anyone who cares about our American democracy, comments like these, by a sitting president, are very troubling to say the least. What you are witnessing is how freedoms are eroded, how hundreds of millions of people lose their voice and access to a free and fair due process. One need not look far, nor wide to see that most people around the world aren't respected by the people who govern them.

trump biden debate first biden trump debate sept 2020In other parts of the world people seem unable to voice their opinions or protest without being locked up indefinitely [Hong Kong / Philippines], nor do they appear to have access to free and fair elections [Belarus / Turkey], and anyone who opposes them is either detained or poisoned [Russia / North Korea]. Things don't change in societies that are ruled from top, because change comes from below, by the people who aren't wealthy or comfortable.

The Trumps and the multi-millionaires and billionaires at the Fox News propaganda machine are very satisfied with their wealth, their station in life and the status quo. This is why Murdoch's Foxholes and the Trumps won't let go of the power unless the American people truly assert themselves and make sure their voices are heard in this election. Make no mistake about it, our democratic republic is more threatened now than possibly ever before in its history.

At right the happy couple, celebrating another TELEVISED example of bad behavior. Melania Trump's theme for the past four years has been an anti-bullying program entitled Be Best. She seems to be cynically mocking America and its democratic institutions, as her husband is nothing - if not a crass bully. And her 'Be Best' program wasn't even named using proper English.

It's worth mentioning that Melania's father was reportedly a member of the League of Communists of Slovenia. Do you think Melania is a Russian asset? Murdoch reportedly accused his longtime wife, Wendi Deng, of being a Chinese spy.


If We Don't Allow the Con Men to Steal It

The American People & Biden are Likely the Winners of Election 2020

At this point - regardless of what Murdoch’s Fox News, NY Post, Wall St Journal, Barrons and MarketWatch might tell you - given the stability and size of the gap in the Biden Trump poll numbers, INCLUDING IN THE SWING STATES - Biden is sure to win. This assumes the voting apparatus isn’t hacked [this includes the post office], and the votes are fully and fairly tabulated.

I include Australian born billionaire Rupert Murdoch and his mendacity machine as a possible co-conspirator of a Trump stolen election. Why? Because stealing elections in English speaking democracies like Britain, Australia and the U.S. seems a Murdoch area of expertise. In America, Murdoch seemed to stage a media coup d'etat in 2000 when the election appeared to be stolen in the middle of the night from Al Gore by Murdoch's Fox News and NY Post. In 2004 it was Fox News that kept replaying the Dean Scream which was an alterred recording of Democratic front runner Howard Dean at a campaign rally. In 2016 Murdoch's Wall St Journal and Murdoch / Trump henchman Rudy Giuliani were the ones who released the seemingly phony, hyped story alleging the Wiener computer may have had something new related to Hillary Clinton's emails. The whole Clinton email 'scandal' was a Murdoch magnified mirage that went - POOF - immediately after Murdoch's propaganda asset, Donald Trump, won the election.

The debate was a horrifying spectacle, and is not expected to change voter's choices much, as most folks have already made up their minds, and in the early voting states, many have already begun casting their ballots.


Voter Registration, Voting In Person & $100,000 Reward?

Voter registration for the election in NYS is October 9th. Please register today - I advise voting in person, if at all possible or walking your ballot down to the court house [call to find where], as Trump's Postmaster General doesn't seem an impartial administrator.

I'd also be surprised if there weren't at least a few Trump loyalists working at the U.S. Postal Service, who might consider shirking their fiduciary responsibility to the public, in favor of loyalty to the Donald. Why doesn't the DNC or a wealthy patriotic American offer a $10,000 or $100,000 reward to anyone who provides unique critical information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone destroying, delaying or tampering with ballots handled by the U.S. Postal Service prior to November 3rd election, as well as in the days following the election, during which time the votes are still eligible to be counted?

Stay tuned, because this won't be over until the fat lady sings, and the hedonistic president is thrown out of office.