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News Briefs NYC NYS USA _ August Cuomo's Last Day

May 01, 2021 at 01:01 pm by mikewood

nyc things to do manhattan brooklyn queens bronx staten island

NYC Recent News Roundup

Homecoming Concert Rained Out Halfway Thru, Cuomo to Step Down Tuesday, a Few NYC Census Highlights, NYC Vaccine Policy vis a vis Schools & Businesses, NYC Public Library Update & Biden vs the Distorted Narratives Coming from Murdoch's War Mongering Fox News, Wall St Journal, NY Post & Increasingly ABC News

nyc things to do this weekend nyc manhattan bronx queens brooklyn staten island August 23, 2021 / NYC Neighborhoods / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

Weather. The temperture highs will be in the low 90's on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and possibly Friday, before falling into the low 80's / high 70's in the following weeks. The temperature lows will be in the high 70's during the week, before falling into the low 70's by the weekend. The Monday rain will end about 4 pm and the rest of the week should be dry. The humidity will be about 80% Monday, falling to about 65% for the rest of the week. Winds will be 5 - 8 mph all week.


Central Park Homecoming Concert Rained Out

Prior to Saturday, the weather forecast indicated that the heavy rains would come late Saturday night / early Sunday morning. But alas, that was not meant to be. Instead the rain came several hours early, stopping the Central Park Homecoming concert around 7.30 pm - about two and a half hours after the concert had started.

The rain broke several records, including the most rain in a single hour [nearly two inches] and the most rain in Central Park in a single day [about four inches]. The planet has been breaking a number of weather records this year including the most or almost most fires in the western part of the nation, the first recorded rainfall in northern Greenland, the hottest day on record in Europe [Sicily], one of the great glacial ice shelves collapsed, there's been flooding in Europe and China, and great forest fires in Siberia. Climate change?

Tuesday is to be Governor Cuomo's Last Day in Office

nyc things to do this weekend nyc manhattan bronx queens brooklyn staten island Andrew Cuomo had always kind of struck me as a Clintonesque Democrat. Like Clinton, Cuomo was able to manage things pretty competently, by pivoting when he needed to. But, like Clinton, nagging questions about his character never quite seemed to go away. I'm talking about the corruption commission Cuomo closed, as it started ensnaring some of his associates. And lately, the questions about allegedly using state resources to put together his book about the CoVid pandemic and his alleged mishandling / misreporting the NYS CoVid nursing home numbers.

But I never thought that Cuomo would go down in much the same fashion as Clinton [accused of having sex with the hired help]. Fully eleven women levelled allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo, and one has filed a criminal complaint. Cuomo insists he did nothing wrong, but he did apoligize for making these women feel uncomfortable.

I can't say I loved Cuomo, but I didn't hate him either. He was competent and flexible, which is why it is a shame. It seems kind of sad for Cuomo, for the women who are alleging he harassed them, and generally sad for the public as well ... sad all the way around.

The one bright spot, from my point of view, is that we won't have a four term governor. I think the NYS Assembly and NYS Senate should take this opportunity to term limit the NYS Governor's office. The executive branches of American government are vested with an incredible amount of power controlled by a single person, which is why the executive positions should be term limited. I do not believe the same should be true for assembly members or state senators or even city council members - as they are just one of some 50 plus people so their power is quite limited - and they are an important repository of institutional learning and knowledge. That's Continuity versus having to relearn everything, every eight years.

But that said, I believe the same eight years / two term statute of limitations should hold for the leadership positions in the NYS Assembly, NYS Senate and City Council too. Again for the same reasons, being that too much power is held by one individual, which given enough time, invites abuse.


A Few NYC Census Highlights

Nationally Whites / Caucasians were down about 20 million in the census versus ten years ago, but Mixed Race identity was up about 30 million, leading analysts to believe that there's a lot of mixed race marriage happening in these United States, likely the main cause for the fall in the White / Caucasian only identity.

More about the individual boroughs coming soon.


NYC Vaccine Policy vis a vis Schools & Businesses

Because a large segment of the population has not yet been vaccinated, government officials have stepped into the breach in an effort to keep the economy moving, while keeping the public healthy / safe by putting in place vaccine, mask and testing mandates.

There are those who claim this is a loss of their freedoms, some going so far as to blow the mandates so far out of proportion as to exaggeratedly compare it to a dictatorial state. In reality, these mandates are just the government implementing common sense measures, to protect the general public from the incredible number of people who seem to lack good judgment (or who get their disinformation from the Fox News & Propaganda network). This is one of those situations where government officials can convincingly make the case for everyone to endure a little inconvenience in the service of the economy, their nation, to ensure the health and safety - not just of themselves and their families - but of their country[wo]men.

We'll have details soon.


NYC Public Library Update

The NYC Public Library reopened its doors. There are CoVid protocols in place, so you might want to visit the library website in your borough, prior to making a visit.

More about this coming soon.


Biden vs the B.S. Coming from Murdoch's War Mongering Fox News

Once again, Rupert Murdoch's dishonesty, seems to fly off the charts with his organizations' coverage of Biden management of the withdrawal from Afgahnistan. Australian born billionaire Murdoch's Fox News, Wall St Journal, NY Post and increasingly ABC News - where Murdoch is one of the two largest shareholders. Murdoch appears to meddling with the personnel decisions that affect the journalistic quality and subsequent narratives coming out of ABC News broadcasts. So pay attention to the omissions, the video font distortions and the open mic for 'select' guests who are there to disinform by plying Murdoch endorsed false narratives.

We'll update all of the above soon.

Have a good week.