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NYC Crime Statistics Year to Date August 2021

Aug 11, 2021 at 03:41 pm by mikewood

nyc things to do manhattan brooklyn queens bronx staten island

NYC & NYS Continue to Have Lower Murder Rates Than the Rest of the Nation

The Past Couple of Months, NYC Murders have been Below 2019 Levels, and NYC Shootings are Down Double Digits versus 2020, While Gun Arrests Have Doubled vs 2020

nyc crime statistics nyc murders nyc manhattan bronx queens brooklyn staten island violent crime in nycAugust 31, 2021 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Crime & Law Enforcement / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

This is news you're not likely to find in Australian born billionaire Rupert Murdoch's NY Post, Wall St. Journal nor Fox News because it doesn't fit with Murdoch's self-enriching, propagandistic narratives of blaming Democrats for the increase in violent / gun crimes. He appears to use such narratives to get the politicians who will give him tax breaks, and allow him to continue deregulating his industries, so he can make ever more money at the expense of American Democracy.

The NYPD has been working hard to rein in the out-of-control sales and trafficking of guns in the nation, because of the absence of an intelligent debate on national gun control legislation to combat the growing gun violence, and in particular the mass shootings, that started rising again during the Trump Administration and continued rising in the wake of the CoVid pandemic.


Year To Date Murders in NYC are Below the National Average & Have Begun Falling Versus 2020

nyc crime statistics nyc murders nyc manhattan bronx queens brooklyn staten island violent crime in nycSo we're going to take a look at a number of the NYC crime statistics, and then follow up with an analytical look at some of the issues driving gun related violence, before closing with a look at the distorted, deceitful and destructive coverage provided by Murdoch's Fox News & Propaganda.

As you can see by the chart at right, with the exception of GLA or Grand Larceny Auto and YTD / Year To Date Shootings, all NYC crime is either in the single digits or down, versus last year. It's important to note however, that in July shootings dropped by 35% versus prior year [up 17% YTD], while gun arrests were up 134% versus the prior year [up 68% YTD], so the NYPD continues to make good progress in this regard. And murders were down 49% in July versus prior year and down 10% year to date.

The chart at right shows the NYPD Crime statistics for the month of July 2021 and Year To Date 2021. I have also included comparisons to 2019 as 2020 was an unusual year all the way around - including for NYC crime.


The Iron Pipeline - Interstate 95 - is used to Transport Guns from Primarily Red Republican States with Lax Gun Laws

nyc crime statistics nyc murders nyc manhattan bronx queens brooklyn staten island violent crime in nycThe graphic at right shows what is called the 'Iron Pipeline' which is Interestate 95 which runs from New York to Florida. This interestate highway is used to transport guns / weapons across state lines from mostly red Republican controlled states with lax gun control laws to blue states that have passed stronger gun control laws.

Once the guns arrive here, they are illegally sold and are the root of the gun violence and murder problem in New York City and New York State. Thankfully, Mayor de Blasio, Commissioner Shea and the NYPD are on top of things, and have been working hard to rein in the problem, even in the absense of national legislative help.

I think President Biden should look into the possibility of using federal powers regulating interstate commerce, to curtail the transport and sale of guns into states that have tighter regulatory frameworks surrounding the sale of murder weapons. And perhaps the district attorneys in our city and state should consider naming the people who sell these guns, as accessories or even accomplices, to the crimes committed with them.

nyc crime statistics nyc murders nyc manhattan bronx queens brooklyn staten island violent crime in nyc


Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, WSJ & NY Post Destroy the Truth & in the Process Undermine Our Opportunity to have a Democratic Dialogue Based on the Facts - NOT the Dishonest Narratives the Australian Born Billionaire's Propagandists would have his Audience Believe

Murdoch's Fox News, NY Post, Wall St. Journal are literally killing our democracy, by endlessly attacking our national government institutions and those government officials brave enough to stand up to the Australian born billionaire. This is very much like what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930's when Hitler and Goebbels used the mass media to manipulate enough of the German people to get their way. Now I'm not nyc crime statistics nyc murders nyc manhattan bronx queens brooklyn staten island violent crime in nycsuggesting that Murdoch is about to send people into concentration camps, but he has been very supportive of sending Americans into at least four wars / armed conflicts, since he arrived on our shores [Grenada, Afghanistan & Iraq twice]. Wars are good for the billionaire's businesses, as wars increase TV news ratings and sell more newspapers.

Murdoch abuses the legitimacy, reach and frequency enabled by FCC licenses in this country, by using his TV brands on cable, to provide the veil of legitimacy for his propagandists and the seemingly ubiquitous false narratives they distribute to the public daily. Why do we have culture wars in this country? Fox News & Propaganda. Who is the largest disseminator of fake news in this nation? Fox News & Propaganda.

I think the FCC should implement a rule that forbids any broadcast licensee from using their news brands on any other platform, UNLESS the content provided using the brand, conforms to the news standards mandated by the FCC.

Have a good week.