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Russian Ukrainian War - Russia China Friendship Pact 2022, 1939 Pact of Steel Hitler Mussolini, Putin Yacht & Corruption, Murdoch Fox News Distortions

Apr 24, 2022 at 03:11 pm by mikewood

putin xi jinping friendship pact russia china like pact of steel 1939 hitler mussolini italy germany ukraine russia war context putin yacht russian navy black sea fox bartiromo propaganda putin manhattan brooklyn queens bronx staten island russian ukrainian war background context nyc

Ukraine III: Adding Context to What You're Seeing on the TV Networks

In Part III We Delve into the Threat of WWIII, the Russia / China Pact of February 2022 to Keep Dictators Putin & Xi Jinping in Power is Reminiscent of '1939 Pact of Steel' by Mussolini & Hitler, Putin's Alleged Corruption & Yacht, and the Putin-Pleasing-Propaganda-Press in America

ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysisMarch 14, 2022 / NYC Neighborhoods / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.


Recap of Part I

In Part I, two weeks ago, I looked at the relative sizes of the economy, population and industries of Russia vis a vis Ukraine. This was followed by a very short topline summary of some of the politics, culture and fluctuating borderlines of the Ukraine. And lastly, talked about how Fox News, the Wall St. Journal and the NY Post which are owned and controlled by a fascist-leaning billionaire from Australia [Rupert Murdoch], appears to be aiding and abetting Putin's War by continually bashing the Biden Administration, through his cadre of propagandists.

In the graphic at right, put together by the BBC in London, you can see that western Ukraine has largely been left alone, while the war rages in the East mostly along the Russian border. Western forces should be sure to provide Ukrainian forces with sea and river mines to thwart Russia's water borne assault capabilities along the Black Sea and the Dnieper River. They should also give consideration to bombing Putin's Palace at Gelendzhik on the Black Sea in order to publicize the alleged corruption of Putin and the Oligarchs as one of the reasons that the Russian forces have fared so poorly and why Putin - like Benito Mussolini - is reportedly asking [begging] Xi Jinping for financial and weaponry handouts. Both Putin and Xi deny the reports.


Recap of Part II - Putin's Alleged Palace & Corruption Impact on Russian Military, Morale of Russian Military - Half of Whom are Poor Peasant Conscripts - the Economic & Military Value of the Ukraine to Russia & the Fighting Heritage of the Cossacks

ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysisIn Part II, a week ago, I talked about how Australian born billionaire, mass media propagandist Rupert Murdoch and dictator Vladimir Putin's tactics share many similarities. They are differentiated in that Rupert Murdoch uses economic muscle and propaganda to get indirect control / influence over the corporations and governments he wants to plunder. While Vladimir Putin also uses economic muscle and propaganda - but enhances it with a Nazi tactic by adding violence and force to the mix - to obtain direct control over the corporations and governments he wants to plunder. All of these tactics were used by the Nazis to gain control - first of Germany and then a significant portion of Europe.

The graphic at right shows Rupert Murdoch and Vladimir Putin during happier times. Eventually Murdoch exited Russian media under duress, likely because Putin realized how Murdoch manipulated his audiences. A Russian Oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, was said to be a Murdoch friend who at one time controlled a lot of Russian media. Berezovsky was believed to have been murdered, but it could not be proven, so the coroner left the verdict open. So why does Murdoch media appear to favor Putin? Fear? Because both have fascist tendencies? Or both?

ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysisThen I delved into the importance of the Dnieper River, which flows south from Smolensk in Russia through the Ukraine and into the Black Sea. It's important because currently Russia has limited access to the world waterways via the Baltic Sea which is treacherous for much of the year, and the Black Sea which is a body of water shared by many nations, including many of the former Soviet Republics, including Ukraine.

Conquering Ukraine would give Russia a broader, more defensible / offensible presence on the Black Sea. This is likely of great concern to other Black Sea nations such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Georgia. All but the last two are NATO member nations. And the Ukraine was working toward becoming an eligible member.

I also talked about Putin's $1.4 billion mansion at Gelendzhik, which is a beachside tourist resort in Russia along the Black Sea. Putin denies he built the mansion with public funds, although a number of military observers believe that Putin and the Oligarchs looted the Russian Defense budget, which is why Russia has performed so poorly in this war. Also, about half of the Russians of their 600,000 fighting force were young men conscripted to die for Putin's War in a manner not unlike what happened to the poor Russians during WWI when the Czars sent them to fight for the Czar's throne.

In the graphic at right, an American cartoonist shares a worldwide point of view that Putin is a war criminal.

Lastly, in Part II, I looked into the role of the Cossacks - a notable strain of Ukrainians - in WWI and WWII when, bothtimes, they ended up on the wrong side of history. It is ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysisestimated that today the Cossacks number well under a million in the Ukraine, while the Jews number under a half million, of a population of about 44 million, which are mostly Orthodox Christians [74%] Christians (9%) and Catholics (9%).


In the graphic at right stands Vladimir Putin aboard a three quarters of a billion yacht believed to belong to him. The photo was taken near Sochi, which is only miles south of Gelendvhik, where Putin's $1.4 billion Palace is located. While Putin appears to use both the palace and the yacht as if they were his own, he says the yacht and the palace belong to other Russian Oligarchs. But Putin says a lot of things which are found to be lies, so judge for yourself whether he's telling the truth this time.


Part III - Dictator Putin's Blitzkrieg - Three Weeks & Counting

Putin's Management of Military and Propaganda Not Going Well

ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysis In Part III, we're going to look at the Russian Chinese developing relationship making comparisons to Hitler and Mussolini's 1939 Pact of Steel, just before WWII broke out.

Lastly, I'm going to call out Rupert Murdoch's betrayal of his adopted home nation [the United States], as Fox News' recruitment of Russian aligned 'commentators' [that's Murdoch FoxSpeak for propagandists] who appear to hype, amplify and reinforce the Putin / Russian party line - while relentlessly attacking the Biden Administration - which undermines the Ukrainian's effort to stay independent.

I found the graphic at right, which was posted on a site called, which depicts how propaganda works in America. They chose Fox News - known as America's Disinformation Newsroom - where Australian born billionaire Rupert Murdoch has been pissing his propaganda in the well of truthful, free speech for decades.

This graph is the best depiction I have found, in the seven years I've been covering Murdoch, that does a pretty good job of explaining Murdoch's secret sauce. Absent from the diagram is the ratings-driven sensationalism used to generate profits and pummel politicians who don't cave to Murdoch's will.

Let's begin.


China & What Biden is Talking about, When he says Not Escalating into WWIII

ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysisAlready the puppet government of Alexander Lukaschenko of Belarus has - like NATO - enabled some of Russia's maneuvers. Yet so far, even Belarus - a puppet government of Putin - has refrained from joining Putin in the fray. The same is true of the United States and NATO. The concern is that China, North Korea, Iran and others may play an enabling role in prolonging this war, and exacerbating this humanitarian crisis.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have met 38 times since they both became their nations' dictators. Trade between the two nations has risen from $11 billion in 2001 to $141 billion in 2021. And it's worth pointing out that these two dictators' nations have about a 2,615 mile long border with each other.

On February 2022, on the eve of the Winter Olympics, Putin and Xi Jinping signed a follow on pact to the Friendship Pact of 2001. A February 7, 2022 New Yorker report described the pact as follows,

"...The world’s two most powerful autocrats unveiled a sweeping long-term agreement that also challenges the United States as a global power, NATO as a cornerstone of international security, and liberal democracy as a model for the world. “Friendship between the two States has no limits,” ... “There are no ‘forbidden’ areas of cooperation... ”

Not that you would ever know about this important Russian / Chinese pact, watching the dumbed down, corporate-run, American TV networks. The pact appeared highly reminiscent of Mussolini's and Hitler's 1939 Pact of Steel, which was the forerunner to WWII.


Putin & Jinping's Agreement in 2022 Seemed Reminiscent of Mussolini & Hitler in 1939

ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysisIn the graphic above, I explain what I believe to be the big picture. If we, the U.S., try impose a 'No Fly Zone' - which I've not seen supported by any military person who seems to know what they're talking about, we [the U.S.] get drawn directly into the war which in the short run might be good for Ukraine - but in the long haul not necessarily good for Ukraine, the U.S. or the world.

According to the experts I've found online, watched on TV and heard on the radio, most of the airborne Russian threat would not be impacted by a 'No Fly Zone'. Russia is sending those missiles into Ukraine from within Russia's and Belarus' own borders, or launching them from various locations on the ground in the Ukraine - positions which the Ukrainians have been increasingly effective in taking out.

And then, of course we could go on to talk about the use of nuclear weapons, of which both Russia and their ally China, have. But so do we in the United States and a couple of our NATO allies [Britain and France]. According to a February 28, 2022 report by National,

"... Together Russia and the US have 90% of the world's nuclear warheads [Editors Note: according to 1/4/22 Business Insider report 6255 & 5550 respectively]. Of the remaining NPT countries, the UK has 225, China has 350 active nuclear weapons and France has 290..."

In that scenario, I would hope that it's clear to all that there are no winners - only losers.

ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysisChina's participation would certainly come at a high cost to Xi Jinping's dictatorship. Xi Jinping's administration in China appears to have many of its own problems, including a falling real estate market, ongoing CoVid complications in a nation that is largely unvaccinated, and growing hesitancy of western nations to do business with a dictatorship, that isincreasingly looking as hostile to western values of freespeech, democracy and participation of the people - much like Vladimir Putin's.

One solution might be allowing the Ukrainains to 'steal' the MIG 29's from Poland. Of course, the times and destinations of the aircraft would need to be kept secret and properly scrambled. NATO allies also continue to send the Ukrainains what they need to defend and take care of themselves, which appears is being done at an accelerating rate.

In the graphic at right is Fox News propagandist Maria Bartiromo pretending to support the Ukrainian people, while simultaneously undermining the president [Biden] of their most important ally: the U.S. I call this seemingly ubiquitous Fox News deception - media mendacity by a mass media double agent - as her boss is Rupert Murdoch.


Beware News Distortions by Mass Media Outlets Controlled by Australian-Born Oligarch

ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysisRupert Murdoch and his propaganda pundits like war because it's good for their TV ratings, newspaper sales and website clicks. The bigger the war, the bigger the ratings, the bigger the profits for the media mogul billionaire.

Murdoch, in a manner not unlike Putin, urged the U.S., Britain and Australia to go into Iraq on the phony claim that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction. In all three of these nations Murdoch has by far and away the largest share of mass media. Murdoch's War [Iraq] is not unlike Putin's War in the Ukraine. Both used false flag claims - Murdoch's was the WMD in Iraq while Putin's was that the Ukrainians were committing atrocities against Russians and Putin was going to invde to save the Ukrainian people. Putin's more recent false flag claim is to accuse the Ukrainians of plotting to use biological / chemical weapons.

President Biden warned Putin that bio / chem weapons were a line Putin that shouldn't even consider crossing as there will be consequences. Or as my father used to say, "There will be hell to pay." I never crossed that line.

In the graphic above is a headline from a New York Times report about how Rupert Murdoch rushed the beholden Prime Ministers of Australia, and Britain [who he later called BLiar], and President Bush into the War in Iraq. It first appeared to be a war for oil, which it was, but it was also a war to spike the ratings of Murdoch's emerging cable news network - Fox News. Many people died and were displaced, but sociopaths / psychopaths like Murdoch and Putin appear not to care in the least. These two were likely not breast fed, likely never had any real friends, and have no idea what love is - which is why they behave so monstrously, with no regard for others lives.


Some Suggestions - Let the Ukrainians Steal the MIGs from Poland, and Mobilize Talented Roving Commando Teams Against the Russian Army, as in the Movie 'Patriot'

ukraine russian war analysis russia war in ukraine analysisThere's been a lot of talk about handing over the old Soviet MIG 29's to the Ukraine. The issue is how to do it without escalating the war. I say, let the Ukrainians steal them from Poland. They can then scramble them and fly them into various locations in the Ukraine's airspace. Will they be detected? Probably. Who is to blame? The Ukrainians who steal them to try to defend themselves against Putin's war, which is increasingly looking like genocide.

I had hoped to discuss the weaponry being used by both sides in this report, but it will have to wait until next week. That said, it seems the Ukrainians can use their larger numbers to outmaneuver the Russians whose numbers are most recently estimated at somewhere in the range of 150,000 [it's 25% of their entire army]. The Ukraine had an estimated 44 million people, of whom 3 million of them have already fled. With light but deadly weapons like the stingers and the javelins, small trained commando groups can go out and hit the Russians from all sides, on all fronts in the eastern part of the Ukraine.

There's a movie called 'The Patriot' starring Mel Gibson about the American Revolutionary War, wherein one such small group inflicted irreparable harm on the greatest army in the world at the time [the British Army of King George V]. Let's hope this war ends the same, with the autocrat with the large, well funded army, losing to the rag tag army fighting for their homes, their families, their freedoms, their futures and the futures of their children.

In the installment last week, I suggested that the Ukrainians also give thought to hitting Vladimir Putin's Palace at Gelendzhik, which is about 150 miles south of Mariupol. They could use planes, drones or a commando unit. And while they are down there, they might want to consider heading west to the Crimea to sea mine or bomb the Russian warships, which should be sitting ducks in the Black Sea, either in port or offshore. The same sort of approaches considered for attacking Putin's palace, should also work on the ships. Scuba divers with mines, or bombers on sea scooters might also work. An attack of such nature wouldn't just put a hole in Russian ships, it would put a hole in their morale and 'torpedo' their evacuation plans.

More about Ukraine coming next week. Stay tuned.