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NYC Mayor de Blasio Announces a Run for President

And Multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch Attacks with a Barrage of Dimwitted Political Punditry (aka attack ads), by his Paid-for Puppet Commentators, on his Pinocchio Propaganda Machine

mayor bill de blasio announces run for president 2020 mayor bill de blasio nycMay 17, 2019 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics & Government / News Analysis, Opinion & Satire / Gotham Buzz NYC.

Mayor Bill de Blasio entered the race for president on Thursday and Rupert Murdoch's NY Post, Fox News and Wall Street Journal wasted no time in torrentially mocking him.

Is it because Mayor de Blasio was able to hold Murdoch's propaganda media outlets at bay, while implementing a solid record of pragmatic, Progressive reform in NYC?


Hog Heaven: Piggy Murdoch Lapping it up at the Trump Trough?

Multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch appears to have been feeding heavily at his own public-to-private trough since DJT came to office two and a half years ago. The following are a few facts surrounding what I've come to think of as Murdoch's relationship to his Manchurian Candidate [Editor's Note: I encourage you to research words and cultural references used herein, if you're not familiar with them].

Trump dismissed all U.S. Attorneys including Preet Bahara who was investigating Murdoch's companies for alleged illegal hacking [they got caught doing this in Britain] and sexual harassment. Trump gave billionaires like Murdoch and their companies huge, huge tax cuts, to be paid for - not with spending cuts [which would have been honest] - but rather by stealing from America's babies and unborn babies as America's parents did not stand up for them.

rupert murdoch corruption fox fake news murdoch quid pro quo trump tax breaks deregulation calls off attys prosecuting murdochs fox fake news crimes wsj ny post propaganda corruptionTrump also appointed Ajit Pai to the top position at the FCC, reportedly at Murdoch's suggestion. Ajit then loosened the ownership rules on media companies, like Murdoch's, so that Murdoch could acquire more TV stations, adding to his already dominant share of American broadcast media.

Trump's 'Justice' Department then approved an inverted takeover of Disney / ABC by Murdoch where Murdoch cashed in handsomely, while becoming the largest shareholder of Disney / ABC stock in a deal he cut with his friend of at least a decade, Bob Iger, who reportedly wants to become the President of the United States (after Trump?).

Assuming Murdoch wrests control of Disney / ABC - the Murdoch family will control three of the six largest media companies in the United States [21st Century Fox / NewsCorp / Disney ABC] or nearly half of the market.

! Please think about the sentence above, because it's important !


Australia Leads Democracies into Farmer Murdoch's 'Animal Farm' and Britain & America aren't far Behind

As we've seen in Australia, it's not really a democracy if one man controls most of the information the voters use to make their decisions. This is especially true when that man appears willing to play fast and loose with the truth, in order pursue his own agendas, and to fill his own pockets.

Murdoch appears to be the one person most responsible for the election of Tony Blair, David Cameron, and re-election of Margaret Thatcher in Britain; the election of George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump in this country; and the election of numerous Australian Prime Ministers. He appears to have done this by using his media outlets as a propaganda machine, which appears to present / report the world as Murdoch wants his audience to see it, so can get the audience to vote for the candidates he wants. The murdoch corruption tax break australia by former employee murdoch supported prime minister tony abbott corruption murdochcandidates he seems to favor are those - who after getting elected - like Trump, appear to give him what he wants. In this fashion Murdoch seems to have been enriching and empowering himself at the expense of the very audience he keeps ignorant, for decades. In Australia one of the Prime Ministers that Murdoch 'installed' was a former Murdoch employee [Tony Abbott]. After becoming Prime Minister, the Abbott Administration failed to file follow-on court documents - which resulted in about a $900 million loss by Australian taxpayers - and a $900 million gain by Murdoch's companies.


NYC Mayor de Blasio Announces a Run for President

And Multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch Attacks with a Barrage of Dimwitted Political Punditry (aka attack ads), by his Paid-for Puppet Commentators, on his Pinocchio Propaganda Machine

May 17, 2019 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics & Government / News Analysis, Opinion & Satire / Gotham Buzz NYC.


Are the Iraqi Hoax Masters Back Again?

Murdoch, along with former VP Dick Cheney, appear to be two plausible co-conspirators in the phony WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION HOAX started at the beginning of this century, which resulted in the American taxpayer-funded $1 - $2 trillion Iraqi War. These two potential co-conspirators are currently partnered up and invested in Genie Energy, which is a company developing the energy rights in Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, which Trump just recognized as Israel's. Israel took military control of the Syrian Golan Heights in one of the wars of quite a while ago, and in recent years there's been a growing belief that the Syrian Golan Heights has huge oil and gas deposits.

So in comes Genie Energy, with the backing of multi-billionaire global propagandist Rupert Murdoch and former VP Dick Cheney, both of whom appear ready to use the American taxpayer again, to enrich themselves?

rupert murdoch genie energy syria israeli occupied golan heights murdoch dick cheney partners in corruption again genie energy syrian golan heights oil energy syria golan heights former vp dick cheney murdoch corruptionAnd now Murdoch & Cheney seem to be trying for an Iraqi War HOAX sequel by trying to get U.S. taxpayers to fund a military build up in the Middle East by manipulating neophyte President Donald J. Trump, America's greatest Deal Breaker, into going back on yet another of his campaign promises which was to put America first and to keep us out of foreign wars [Promises Made | Promises Broken]. One can surmise that Murdoch and Cheney have surrounded the Donald with their surrogates like Pompeo, Bolton and Barr, who likely goaded Trump to renege on the Iran deal cut by the Obama Administration, which has strained the two nations' relations ever since.


When Getting Your Information - Pay Attention to the Source - Murdoch Has Purchased a Lot of America's Trusted Media Brands

So while you're watching any of the pundits on the Murdoch-controlled media outlets like local Fox TV stations, or Fox News, or the Wall Street Journal, or Barron's, or Market Watch, or even Disney / ABC News or The View - talk glowingly about Trump or disparagingly about Mayor Bill de Blasio - take note that they all work for one man. And that man always appears to want something big for himself, generally at the public's expense, in exchange for the huge distortions provided in his media outlets' coverage. [Editor's Note: Changing The View looks like Murdoch's first Disney / ABC propaganda project, along with what appears to be ABC News omissions or diminutions of key stories].


Murdoch's Media Blasted de Blasio Not Because de Blasio is bad for NYC or America - as Murdoch and his Minion Mendicants Would have you to Believe - but Because de Blasio isn't Good for Murdoch

Murdoch seems to behave like a heroin addict. Murdoch will never collect enough money and never secure enough power, to satisfy his infinite insecurity, and need for both. Rupert Murdoch will likely do everything in his power to stop Mayor Bill de Blasio and people like him - which is why we've all been witness to an unending barrage of disparaging reports by the dimwitted Murdoch mendicants who want to discredit NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's run for President before it gets off the ground.

CLICK here to read more about whether Tony Abbott stole nearly $1 billion from the Australian people for Rupert Murdoch? or read the entire series about Rupert Murdoch's Fox Fake News and his propaganda press.

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