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Murdoch's NY Post Propaganda Paper & Fox Fake News Factory?

Nov 08, 2017 at 10:23 am by mikewood

fox fake news ny post propaganda nyc municipal elections 2017 rupert murdochs fox fake news & ny post propaganda nyc municipal elctions de blasio malliotakis 2017

NY Post Propaganda, Fox News Distortions & NYC Elections

Will Murdoch's Propaganda Outlets Impact NYC Municipal Elections & the NYS Ballot Referendums of 2017?

nyc mayoral debates october 2017 nyc debates malliotakis de blasio bo dietlNovember 5, 2017 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

How Reliable are the Polls?

On Tuesday November 7, 2017 New Yorkers have an opportunity to assert their will at the ballot box. While the polls indicate Mayor de Blasio will win re-election, it’s important to recall that only a year ago, all but one of the polls forecast that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency.

Having reliable information sources is important to making good choices.

In the 2016 presidential election we saw a corruption of a lot of information that was published and videocast about the candidates, which was used in an attempt to manipulate voters' view of them - aka propaganda.

The following provides a look at the dominant NYC news information provider with an eye to how fair and accurate they have been in their reporting of NYC news. The report contains links to additional information related to this report, as well as additional information about the impending NYC Mayoral election.

Billionaire Murdoch's NY Post & Fox News Appear to have Spent the Past Couple Years Distorting NYC News

One billionaire, Keith Rupert Murdoch, controls a guesstimated 40% of the branded, local, major media outlets in New York City - including the

  • NY Post
  • Fox News Network
  • WWOR TV Channel 9
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • WNYW TV Channel Fox 5

Murdoch appears to use his media outlets as one giant propaganda machine, pouring out billions of impressions around the world into unaware voters / consumers minds. The Murdoch media oftentimes appears to contain misleading, out-of-context narratives that seem intended to manipulate audiences into believing / feeling positively or negatively about politicians / government officials based on distorted reporting of allegations, sensationalizing nits and sometimes outright fictions fabricated or amplified by contributors of the Fox Fake News Factory. These impressions often enough appear to further Murdoch's insatiable appetite for money and power, by removing or promoting pols into positions where they can be used to advance Murdoch's profit-seeking interests.

ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper
rupert murdoch fox fake news rupert murdoch fox fake news rupert murdoch fox fake news ny post propaganda paper rupert murdoch fox fake news
ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper rupert murdoch fox fake news ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper
ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper ny post propaganda paper

Murdoch also controls a number of national publications he’s acquired over the past decade or so, such as Barrons and National Geographic. Oftentimes, if not always, it appears that Murdoch changes editorial staff and reporting standards soon after Murdoch acquisitions have been completed. Generally those changes appear to change what was once a respected news organization into what seems to be a Murdoch propaganda machine. We’ve been reporting on what appears to be Rupert Murdoch’s nefarious use and abuse of his media outlets in a series we’ve entitled Murdoch Media Madness / Fox Fake News / NY Post propaganda.

NY Post Propaganda, Fox News Distortions & NYC Elections

Will Murdoch's Propaganda Outlets Impact NYC Municipal Elections & the NYS Ballot Referendums of 2017?

November 5, 2017 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.

Murdoch'$ NY Post Endorsed Trump & now Malliotakis

Does Rupert Murdoch use his Media Mouthpieces to Convince Voters to Choose Pols Who Will be Good for Them OR GOOD FOR HIM?

nyc mayoral debates october 2017 nyc debates malliotakis de blasio bo dietlI started the Rupert Murdoch Media Madness series when I noticed what appeared to be multi-billionaire Murdoch's bashing & bullying of Mayor de Blasio with the NY Post & Fox News. Periodically Murdoch even seemed to use the Wall Street Journal for such purposes. The propagandist attacks appeared to begin in earnest in April of 2016 and even after a Grand Jury investigation ended in March 2017 with no charges being filed against Mayor de Blasio, Murdoch's media attacks on the Mayor seem to just keep going on, and on and on .... Murdoch appears to be a super rich, pampered bully, who won't be happy until he gets his way. Dictators are like that.

Many of America's most respected news organizations, have been paying attention to what appears to be multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch's corruption of the news reporting by his media outlets. Unfortunately these news organizations have yet to connect all the dots by tying Murdoch's propagandist practices to what appear to be Murdoch's motives - which are the huge favors Murdoch appears to receive from the politicians he promotes and protects. We did a story on what appears to be Murdoch's use of Fox Fake News as a corrupt propaganda machine a year ago.

The photo at right shows Murdoch's NY Post's endorsement of Malliotakis, and the bottom half shows a front page with some of my modifications. Murdoch had attacked Mayor de Blasio of charges that Murdoch seems guilty of himself.

This month [Nov 2017] the New York Times reported how Murdoch appears to be using his mouthpieces, like Michael Goodwin of the NY Post, to distract, distort and destroy Mueller's investigation of the alleged Trump campaign collusion with Vladimir Putin of Russia. And the Washington Post has noticed what appears to be Murdoch's corruption of the news at the Wall St Journal since he acquired it about a decade ago.

Will Murdoch's Fox News Dump Trump after Murdoch 'gets paid'?

corruption fox fake news murdochWhat both stories miss is what appears to be Murdoch's self interested motives in going balls out to defend the presidency of Donald Trump. They appear to assume that he's a Conservative and is promoting his ideology. But Murdoch supported Liberal Tony Blair in Britain, and Murdoch isn't known to be an ideologue himself - except when it comes to money and power - both of which, it seems, he can never get enough. I surmise that Murdoch's plan is to keep Trump in office at least as long as it takes Murdoch to,

  1. Cripple the federal investigation and prosecution of his organization for alleged sexual harrassment and hacking of American journalists.

  2. Pass a tax bill that removes inheritance taxes on the super rich billionaires like Murdoch - so he can turn over his media empire intact to his heirs.

  3. Complete the merger of numerous TV stations under the new Trump FCC guidelines which now allow the already giant media companies, to increase their share of U.S. television media outlets.

  4. Number four (and this is dessert) - getting control of the illegally-occupied Syrian Golan Heights energy fields. Murdoch reportedly owns 5% of Genie Energy, which is an energy company in which Murdoch, along with former Vice President Dick Cheney, is involved. It's like Volde-Murdoch and Darth Cheney team up again - like they did in using the fake news of WMD to take America to war in the Middle East.

They say in the news business, what they say in law enforcement, which is to follow the $$$$$$$ to get to the truth. Click here to read a prior report we did on numerous coincidental executive branch gifts Donald Trump appears to have given to Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch is Trump's biggest and most important patron [scroll down to the end of the story link above for a list of what appears to be six 'gifts' received by Murdoch since Trump assumed office].

I first became aware of the manipulative use of media / trend to propaganda by some outlets in 2014, when the billionaire owner of the NY Daily News appeared to be using his news outlet in the same manipulative mass media manner that Murdoch appears to have been doing for decades.

Click here to read our report on the NY Daily News, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz & NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer & corruption case at the Queens Library.

Murdoch's Profession

Publicity Promotions & Beatings using his Propaganda Press?

Murdoch's Manipulative Media Outlets have Implanted Hundreds of Millions or Billions of Negative Impressions in New Yorkers' Minds about Mayor de Blasio based on Allegations - NOT FACTS

Grand Jury Decides No Charges of Wrongdoing by Mayor

Murdoch is a master manipulator. He famously claimed his newspaper, The Sun, won the 1992 election for Margaret Thatcher in Britain. And he appears to have been manipulating electoral outcomes in favor of his business interests, likely before and ever since.

murdoch sun london times fake news propagandaThe NY Post and Mayor de Blasio beginning in April 2016. Allegations surfaced surrounding Mayor de Blasio’s campaign fundraising. Five separate investigations - at the local, state and federal level – began. Multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s NY Post propaganda paper started doing multiple stories, oftentimes daily, attacking the Mayor from every which way, using a team of reporters that at some small city newspapers would be their entire news staff.

The NY Post used amateur video bad mouthing the Mayor which they replayed numerous times as 'news'. Murdoch's NY Post negatively nit picked some of the Mayor's personal habits which they published as front page 'news'. Murdoch's NY Post propaganda paper oftentimes ran stories hyping the unproven allegations again and again - thus leaving many NY Post readers with the impression that the Mayor had committed crimes that he didn't commit. This is mass media manipulation by Murdoch's Fake News Factory, which in numerous studies has shown that people who regularly consume a lot of some of Murdoch's mass media, oftentimes are more misinformed than people who don't consume much media at all.

Murdoch's propaganda machine hypocritically ignored the American axiom of innocent until proven guilty with Mayor de Blasio when it came to fundraising - but the Murdoch media mouthpieces like Sean Hannity - scream innocent until proven guilty when it comes to reporting about alleged collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign.

This kind of hypocrisy or double standard reporting should tip off readers / viewers that the people and the organization purveying these reports are likely both dishonest and corrupt. And they should take care when receiving any information from them, upon which they might act [vote].

Murdoch's Manipulative Media Seem to Never let the Facts Get in the Way of Their Story

mayor bill de blasio photo nyc mayoral debates 2017 nyc debates malliotakis de blasio bo dietl 2017Murdoch's NY Post Mayor bashing on their front pages went on intermittently and repeatedly for an entire year – until on March 16, 2017 when a Grand Jury ruled that the MAYOR HAD NOT DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL. But quite honestly, Murdoch and the NY Post appear to be still at it. Murdoch's propaganda machine appears not to let the facts get in the way of them publishing or broadcasting whatever narrative they want. Caveat emptor - [media consumer] buyer beware.

In some sense the Grand Jury verdict didn't matter, because while the judicial system was adjudicating, Murdoch's huge propaganda machine was able to implant hundreds of millions – if not billions - of negative impressions about Mayor Bill de Blasio in the minds of millions of New Yorkers. That subconscious negative image data bank, implanted by Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda machine, can and will likely be tapped into by Murdoch's dominant share of NYC branded local media outlets at every turn in the future. Scroll up to review the list of major media outlets in NYC alone that are controlled by one very hands-on billionaire [Murdoch denies / deflects it].

The Mayor appears to be working hard for working class New Yorkers - not the billionaires. So the multi-billionaire, global propagandist, Keith Rupert Murdoch, appears to be working hard to discredit the Mayor so he can replace him with one of his propaganda promoted pols, who might be more favorably disposed to responding to Rupert Murdoch's multi-billionaire requests, especially after realizing it was really Murdoch's mass media who 'made' them ... win.

Murdoch Appears to Pander to Republican & Conservative 'Values'

With an All Star Cast of Hypocrites in order to Manipulate their Audience for Profit

hypocrite hannity on fox fake newsMurdoch Money / Murdoch Motives?. Perhaps a Murdoch promoted Mayor [as mentioned above his NY Post endorsed Malliotakis] might be more amenable to Murdoch requests / suggestions going forward than Mayor de Blasio has been to date.

I'm sure Murdoch would like the NYPD to pull back from investigating the alleged Murdoch sexual harrassment issues and hackings of American journalists. Less than a decade ago, Murdoch appeared to forge close ties to London Mayor Boris Johnson, who controlled the London police force, while Murdoch's company was fending off journalist inquiries of Murdoch media reportedly hacking over 5,000 Briton's phones to feed Murdoch's London newspaper headlines.

We saw something like this done by Murdoch's choice for president when Donald J. Trump, in March of 2017, fired all of the U.S. Attorneys less than 24 hours after Fox Fake News pseudo anchorman Sean Hannity told Trump to fire all of them in one of the many monologues that he reads / performs using the teleprompter.

Murdoch's branded media commentators on Fox Fake News include two-time college drop-out [NYU & Adelphi] Sean Hannity, and ex-wife of a former convict [Albert Pirro convicted of conspiracy & tax evasion in 2000], 'Judge' Jeanine Pirro. Together they represent a couple of the compromised people who are the mouthpieces for America's greatest propaganda network.

Once Great Media Brands Corrupted by the Media Fuhrer?

Murdoch Appears to Communicate only the Information he wants Audiences to See

murdoch london times propaganda ragI went to the Mayor’s State of the City Address in February of this year. The Mayor reported what seems to be a solid record of achievement, which he took us through at that event. Somehow the reporting done by Murdoch’s media mauling machine managed to make most of the Mayor's good news disappear. But while Murdoch media consumers may not be provided with important news conveyed in the Mayor's State of the City Address, they can rest assured that they will be the first to hear if the Mayor ever crosses a street before the 'Walk' light turns on [I can see it now in a NY Post front page exclusive "Mayor Breaks Law"], or if the Mayor ever spills anything on himself at lunchtime [I can see it now on a Fox News EXCLUSIVE - "Mayor Has Dirty Laundry"].

The result is that New Yorkers relying on Murdoch's NY Post, Fox News, WWOR-TV Channel 9, WNYW-TV Channel Fox 5 and Wall St Journal - which comprise about 40% of NYC's mainstream branded local media - aren’t likely to get a fair view of the Mayor's record of managing the city during his four years in office. People in these audiences are letting Murdoch manipulate their view of the world. And in doing so, he's indirectly making decisions for them.

In the graphic above right Murdoch's still fairly respected London Times front page ignored a huge court victory by the folks wronged by Murdoch accounts regarding an incident which left 96 people dead 28 years ago. Murdoch's newspaper, The Sun, which is the largest newspaper in Britain, published fake news accounts about the fans' behavior which provided cover for what appear to be significant police blunders - according to the Guardian report.

murdoch & hitler goebbels propagandists in 20th centuryI have witnessed this on Fox News on numerous occasions. The NY Post coverage of Mayor de Blasio's 2017 State of the City Address largely ignored what the Mayor presented and was instead filled with their own narrative. The most recent major distortion / deception was the Monday before Halloween [10/30/17], when Fox News appeared to distract their gullible audience with trick or treat stories, while giving short shrift to the breaking news of indictments being handed down to a couple of top Trump Campaign / White House staff members.

Propagandists Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels distorted and fictionalized the news in a similar fashion in the 1930's and 1940's, which is why our grandparents and great grandparents put in place a number of regulatory laws and guidelines governing ownership concentrations at telecommunications companies.

Many of these laws and guidelines appear to have been whittled away since the 1980's by Murdoch and others. But Murdoch doesn't appear to be done deregulating his industry in our country, and some of that deregulatory malfeasance is going on right now - since Trump took office. Click here to read our previous report on a brief history of possible Murdoch Fox Fake News corruption and click here for a report which outlines [scroll to bottom] changes made by Trump's FCC which likely benefit Murdoch's media - a propganda payout - if you will.

Click here to read our report on the Mayoral Debate where de Blasio seemed to successfully defend his record.

Mayor de Blasio's First Term Achievements

fox fake news network ny post propaganda rag fotosEssentially the Mayor achieved the following during his first term. You'll be hard pressed to have learned any of this on the Murdoch propaganda outlets because it's more than plausible that the multi-billionaire doesn't want you to know what the Mayor has accomplished.

Murdoch likely doesn't want you to have all of the facts, because you might re-elect him. And the Mayor might be successful in levying a tax on the super-rich, which includes the multi-billionaire Murdoch, who owns about a half dozen mega-multi-million dollar homes around the globe, some of which have been located in New York City.

1) Education. The Mayor pushed for passage and funding of Universal Pre-K throughout the city.

2) Over the past four years there's been a significant improvement in test scores at public schools, as well as increased graduation rates and college enrollments.

3) Crime. During the past four years there's been a decline in crime rate, even as the Mayor and NYPD reduced Stop N Frisk over 90%. Why? Because the Mayor added 2,000 officers to the NYPD.

4) Homelessness / 0% Rent Growth. The de Blasio Administration has slowed / stopped the growth of homelessness, by fighting for two years of 0% rent increases on rent stabilized apartments. It will take longer to actually begin reducing it.

5) Increase in Growth of Affordable Housing Units. The Mayor has built tens of thousands of units of affordable housing and more are in development.

6) Balanced Budget. Mayor de Blasio has also been setting aside reserve funds in the event of a downturn in city revenue.

7) Pronounced Not Guilty on allegations of corruption.

Decision-Making Using a Propagandist's Advice

Case Study: British Brexit

Murdoch Media Supports Brexit - May Save Rupert Billion($)

Economic Impact on Murdoch's Audience Appears Negative

  • Multi-Nationals Staging British Jobs Reductions

  • London Real Estate Prices Fall by Decade Record

  • British Currency Falls -19% / Currently - 8%

murdoch communists putin photosThe danger here - as in any decision making process - is that if you're not given all of the information or given selective / distorted information - then you're not going to make an accurate, optimal or fair decision in your own interest. Uninformed decisions almost always result in negative outcomes.

Murdoch media mouthpieces oftentimes appears to act like the classic description of an unethical used car salesman who hypes a lemon to get it off the lot, and won't take it back when you realize you've been screwed.

One need look no further than Nazi Germany where millions lost their lives, their homes and loved ones because they were mislead by the first global practicioners of modern mass media manipulation - Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. Allowing yourself to be inundated with corrupt information will hurt you regardless of whether you're buying a car, or a house, or voting for a government official or on a public issue.

For example let's see what happened to the Britons who took Murdoch's advice and voted for Brexit in June of 2016. The Brexit vote, supported by Murdoch media, appeared to greatly benefit Rupert because the British currency fell and reduced the purchase price by billion(s) or hundreds of millions of dollars of an aquisition he was planning. It also removed a government official who was standing in the way of the merger [Prime Minister Cameron - he and Murdoch got caught with their pants down together during the Murdoch phone hacking scandal], and it is also expected to reduce the regulatory oversight of Murdoch's business because Sky TV is based in London, even though it has outlets throughout a good deal of the European continent [but now the continent will have only indirect influence over Murdoch London HQ]. We did a story about it - Billionaire Murdoch Betrays Britain with Brexit Vote?

By contrast the Brexit vote appears to have negatively impacted many Britons' home values [9/17/17 Guardian report says "Asking prices for London homes record biggest falls this decade"]. Because of Brexit, Britain has become a less desirable commercial hub [more complicated regulatory access to the European market], and the British currency drop reduces the entire nation's purchasing power [worth $1.45 before Brexit imminent, fell to $1.22 and now stabilizing about $1.33].

British property owners can thank Rupert Murdoch's media outlets for giving them what appears to be bad advice, but the outcome of them taking that advice will probably be very financially beneficial to Murdoch.

murdoch communists xi jingping photosAmerican comedian W.C. Fields used to say that,

"There's a sucker born every minute. And two to take 'em."

Murdoch appears to have been suckering the British middle and working classes since the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1978. So the Murdoch media consumers must assume some of the responsibility, shame and blame on themselves. As the saying goes,

"Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me."

I'd like to add to that saying.

"Fool me daily and I am complicit in fostering my own ignorance."

In the photo at right you can see Rupert Murdoch being treated like a head of state. And why not? Both the U.S. President and the Australian Prime Minister appear to report to him - as likely neither would not have won without the support of Murdoch's Fox News / Australian propagandist machine. The longer this situation continues, the less power Americans will have to REALLY choose their representatives, because all of our representatives will be working for Rupert Murdoch - the master mass media manipulator - who has and can deliver [tens of?] millions of votes by stringing his audiences along with pseudo newspeople like Sean Hannity who appear to provide false and distorted narratives on continual basis.

The Republican party appears to have capitulated and seems to be serving Rupert Murdoch and the Fox News propagandist network - and not Conservatives or the American people.

Who is America's Greatest Threat?

Russia's Putin Propaganda or Rupert Murdoch's Propaganda Machine?

Murdoch's 'Fox Nation' - Foxification = Falsification?

fox fake news fox nation propaganda by foxOur democracy is under siege. It is my opinion that people like Murdoch are a far greater threat to our American way of life, our American governmental institutions, and our American values, than Russia will ever be.


Why? Because of the size of Murdoch's daily misled audiences and their unquestioning faith in what appears to be a deceitful propaganda machine. And because Murdoch's mass manipulation media machine pours hundreds of billions of propagandistic impressions into our city, our state and our nation.


A lot of New Yorkers and a lot of Americans are drinking the Murdoch Kool-Aid. Why don't they yet realize they're being manipulated? This sort of mass manipulation via propagandist disinformation happened in Nazi Germany less than a century ago.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Case Study: Australian Media Monopoly, Puppet & Payola

murdoch's sunday telegraph tony abbot endorsement australia mediaThe Murdochs Appear to run Australia as a Media Controlled State

In Australia Murdoch's media has a near monopoly - if not a monopoly - on that nation's political discourse with ownership of about 200 newspapers, including at least one major newspaper in all major markets. Murdoch also controls the dominant Australian satellite TV company, and his companies have stakes in some of the few independent Australian broadcasters.

A few years ago the Australian Prime Minister [Tony Abbott - look it up] was literally a former Murdoch employee who governed 'so badly' that within two years he was replaced by his own party. And the current Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, reportedly acts like a Murdoch employee, albeit at an executive level. In fact Turnbull came to New York City earlier this year where he met with Murdoch and Trump at an event in May on the Intrepid Boat Museum on the Hudson on the west side of Manhattan. Murdoch and both men have relations dating way back and it's worth noting that Murdoch currently [reportedly] has a $57 million apartment in a building called Trump Park Avenue.

Do U.S. & Australian Presidents Report to Chairman Murdoch like his Fox & Newscorp Presidents? Trump and Turnbull both may be presidents, but Murdoch is the Chairman. By many accounts both heads of state are in contact with Murdoch regularly - just like the presidents of Chairman Murdoch's own news and entertainment entities. I suspect they both know that without the support of the Murdoch propaganda machine, they'll more than likely lose their jobs. Based on what I've seen in the first year of the Trump presidency, it seems that getting things done that Rupert Murdoch wants done, 'Trumps' doing anything for the gullible masses that the Murdoch media machine appears able to so easily manipulate.

Australians now appear to live in a Murdoch media-manipulated state - which seems comparable in some measure - to the Russian and Chinese state-controlled media. In the long term - what's the difference?

A Real Rigged System, Puppet Pols & Propaganda Payouts?

Australia: Murdoch Media Deregulation & Murdoch Tax Breaks

nyc mayoral debates october 2017 nyc debatesHere are a few examples I found of what happens when the Murdoch media controls the state.

  1. Murdoch traded in his Australian citizenship for an American passport so he could own TV stations here. But before he left Australia, it appears pols he supported with his propagandist papers changed the media laws in Australia. They sold media "deregulation" as an effort to "modernize" the laws and enabled foreign ownership. Murdoch became a foreigner when he traded in his Australian citizenship to be eligible to control media in the U.S. market.

    The net result is that Australia essentially gave up home rule because Murdoch has a near monopoly share of Australian media, and he is not a citizen there [he doesn't even live there]. Nonetheless Murdoch appears to continue to use his Australian media companies to promote the pols who will do what he wants, and to brutally publicly punish those pols who will not. Is Australia a democracy or a foreigner dominated, media-controlled state?

  2. Over the past few decades most laws regulating media and media ownership in Australia have been removed from the books. Most of the decisions regarding media appear to fall under the purview of the Australian equivalent of the FCC, so the rulings can be uneven, potentially even despotic. Australia media appears to no longer be ruled by laws, which means the people lose and the Media Fuhrer Murdoch wins.

  3. rupert murdoch gets big propaganda payout by prime minister tony abbot australiaMurdoch appears to have given himself a financial gift too, funded by the Australian taxpayer, via legislated tax loopholes / breaks for the Murdoch entities in Australia. This sordid tale was reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, one of the most prominent newspapers NOT owned by Murdoch, which reported in an April 6, 2015 story that, "Rupert Murdoch's media empire in the US has siphoned off $4.5 billion of cash and shares from his Australian media businesses in the past two years, virtually tax free."

    It's been reported that in 1989 Murdoch restructured and claimed currency losses on a complex deal involving his Australian operations. The tax claim was contested by the Australian government and Murdoch won the first round. In 2013 Murdoch's manipulative media was reported to attack existing goverment officials in favor on his former employee, Tony Abbott, for Australian Prime Minister - who subsequently won.

    In 2014 Tony Abbott's government failed to appeal the tax ruling in Murdoch's favor in a higher court, resulting in a Murdoch propaganda payout of $882 million, compliments of the Australian voter morons who elected Tony Abbott as Murdoch instructed.murdoch corruption trump corruption media corruption propaganda payout corruption trump murdoch usa

  4. In America Murdoch looks like he's using Trump to give himself another multi-billion dollar tax break by having Trump eliminate the inheritance tax so that he can turn over his $14 billion fortune to his heirs tax free. That lost tax revenue, about $7 billion, will have to be made up by other taxpayers, such as middle and working class people like yourself. But you likely won't hear about any of this on Fox News, WWOR TV Channel 9, WNYW Channel Fox 5, or read about it in the NY Post or Wall Street Journal.

    Why? Because the Media Fuhrer Rupert Murdoch appears to use his media outlets like Adolph Hitler used his propaganda outlets - to manipulate people by selectively feeding them well crafted stories / narratives containing only the facts supporting the deceit. If you know ALL of the FACTS, you might not vote the way the Murdochian Media Fuhrer wants you to vote.

Multi-Billionaire Rupert Murdoch's NY Post - in no surprise - endorsed Republican candidate Malliotakis last week. Probably because de Blasio hasn't cowered to him. Did Murdoch endorse her because she'll be good for average New Yorkers, or because he thinks she'll be good for, or more responsive to suggestions, from Keith Rupert Murdoch?

You Decide.

NYC Municipal Election Nov 2017

And click here to read our first report when Murdoch's NY Post propaganda paper started attacking the Mayor using allegation and innuendo - which then became a part of this series which is about the Murdoch / Fox News propaganda machine.

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