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November 7, 2018 Midterm Election Results: Trump & Republicans Lose Badly in Midterms

Nov 07, 2018 at 03:41 pm by mikewood

trump republicans thrashed in midterms trump huge losses midterm elections trump electoral losses midterms nov 2018

Trump Suffers Huge Losses in Midterms

Americans Sharply Reprimand the Un-Reality TV President

November 7, 2018 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics & Government / New Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

trump trashed in midterms trump republicans lose big republicans & trump lose badly in midterms 2018 trump loses badly nov 2018 midterm election republicans lose badly elections 2018

The American people have spoken.

Now what the voters have said, by virtue of their votes, is already being spun by Donald Trump's and Rupert Murdoch's propaganda spin machines in order to further their self-serving agendas.

But before we look at the spin, let's look at the facts, as the electoral outcome is a measure of the American people's endorsement - or lack thereof - of the presidency of Donald J. Trump and by association, Rupert Murdoch, the multi-billionaire, global propagandist who was instrumental in helping Trump take the White House.


Republicans Gain 2 Senate Seats - One from Pence's Home State of Indiana & one from Donald's 2nd Home State of Florida

The Republican Party strengthened its already firm grip on the Senate by picking up three [North Dakota, Missouri & Indiana] maybe four [Florida] Democratic Senate seats, while losing two Republican seats [Nevada and Arizona], leaving them with a net gain of two seats.

  • Update - Republicans won Florida, so they gained four Senate seats and lost two. The tally now stands at 47 Democrats to 53 Republicans, meaning the Republican party continues to control the Senate.

So, assuming that the follow on election in Mississippi goes to Republicans, and the current tiny lead in Florida is not overwhelmed with absentee ballots, the Senate tally will change from the current 49 Democrats - 51 Republicans to 47 Democrats - 53 Republicans. Of note is that Republicans had only six seats to defend, while Democrats had 27 seats up for grabs.

At the moment there are two unresolved Senate races, one of which has been Republican [Mississippi] and the second of which is Florida [Democratic incumbent], so this tally could change.

Home States Advantage. It's worth mentioning that one of the seats picked up by the Republicans came from Indiana, the home state of Vice President Mike Pence, and the possibility of another comes from Florida, which I categorize as the second home state of President Donald Trump, given how much property he owns / manages there and how often he golfs there.


Republicans Lose Control of the House & Lose Control of 7 State Capitals

As of this report the Republican Party lost 27 and likely more seats in the House, thus relinquishing their majority in that body for the first time in eight years. And for the first time during the Trump presidency, the opposition Democrats have an opportunity to play a real role in governing again. The Democrats now have subpoena power, they have the power to impeach, and no legislation can be passed without Democratic signatures. At present count the Democrats have won 222 seats [218 provides majority rule] to the Republicans 194 seats, and there are 17 races that have not yet been officially announced, so the net loss / gain tallies will change, as the remaining 19 contests are settled. There are 435 congressional representatives.

  • Update - Democrats won 235 Congressional seats, while Republicans won 200 Congressional seats meaning there was a HUGE flip from strong Republican control of Congress to strong Democratic control of Congress.


Trump Suffers Huge Losses in Midterms

Americans Sharply Reprimand the Un-Reality TV President

November 7, 2018 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics & Government / New Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

trump trashed in midterms trump republicans lose big republicans & trump lose badly in midterms 2018

The American people have spoken.



Republican Party Loses 7 State Houses

But perhaps most importantly, as of this report the Republican Party lost control of at least seven state capitals to the Democrats. And all of those new Democratic governors are going to have the final say on congressional seat redistricting for the next decade, beginning in 2020. At the beginning of this election Democrats controlled just 16 State Houses, while the present tally shows them likely to control 23 or more, an increase of seven states, and a near doubling of those up for election [7 Democratic and 7 Republican governors were not facing re-election this year].

It's worth mentioning that voters said Donald J. Trump was one of the two top issues of the campaign - along with healthcare. So there's no dodging that in the eyes of the electorate, the Trump group has failed the American people. But that's not likely to stop the Trump, Hannity & Murdoch propaganda machine from spinning their tales to the weak minded in their audiences who wish to believe. INSERT CHART.


Murdoch's Propaganda WSJ & Fox 'News' Hyper Spin the Electoral Losses into a Trump 'Triumph of the Will'

The Murdoch's Wall Street Journal read that "Democrats Retake the House after 8 years of GOP Rule", and then pretty much ignored the headline, diving straight into the Murdoch spin of the results of the night. There were four stories following the headline.

The WSJ Editorial Board, presumably overseen by the Wall St. Journal Editorial Page Manager Paul Gigot [who decided to hold a story about Trump's mob ties just prior to the 2016 general election], blamed the loss on 'America's deep political divisions'. Murdoch's WSJ, NY Post and Fox News really should take a bow for their contributions to inflaming these divisions, because many of them appear made possible in part by three decades of the Murdoch media machine feeding and exacerbating those divisions. The WSJ said the Democrats retaking of the House and huge gains at the State House level, was less than a "blue wave".

The next Wall St Journal propaganda spin went on to promote the idea that Trump is a billionaire celebrity, who rode his populism to the Oval Office. They then went on to congratulate Trump for not fizzling out like other populists before him, and seemed to encourage Trump's combative style.

The third WSJ propaganda piece boldly states that Trump "Did What He Needed To Do In The Midterms", which presumably was to hang onto the Senate. Given the Democrats had 27 Senate seats at stake and the Republicans had only six, keeping the Senate Republican shouldn't have been a daunting task for any president.

And then Murdoch's WSJ completed the head-spinning narrative with a fourth story about how the Republicans have built upon their Senate Majority. It's amazing how Murdoch's Wall St Journal managed to ignore the truth of what really happened Tuesday night. And what's even more amazing is that likely most in the Wall St Journal audience likely won't realize they are being manipulated by the narrative spin on the election results, as the WSJ focused on the the Trump wins and nearly completely ignored the game changing Trump losses.

Bear in mind that this is not your father's Wall Street Journal. It's now Rupert Murdoch's Wall St. Journal - which means it's Fox Fake 'News' disguised as a once reputable national newspaper.

The Fox Fake News Network was even more entertaining to observe. Rupert Murdoch's multi-billionaire spin machine washed the reality out of the election results like cleaning dirty laundry, first ridding it clean of negative facts, and then delivering it disguised as 'news' to an audience that appears to collaborate with Fox Fake News to deceive themselves by consuming Murdoch's nationally branded propagandist media. Many 'good' Germans did this in 1930's Germany.

My favorite headlines on the Fox 'News' site were 'Trump Gains Allies in Senate' but the winning headline was 'Thank You President Trump. You've got the GOP in Great Shape for 2020 and Left the Liberals Speechless'. Fox News, the WSJ and the NY Post provided their audience with scant recognition of the reality of what just happened because it doesn't fit into their mass manipulation narrative and they appear to be trying to keep up Trump Republicans' morale. This reminds me of accounts of how the Allied victories in WWII were treated in Joseph Goebbels' propagandistic narratives about Adolph Hitler as a military genius.

That said, the GOP may be in good shape for 2020, but not for the reasons proffered by Fox in their report. Rather, because sometime in 2019 Murdoch will complete the takeover of Disney / ABC and he will control more than half of America's broadcast media.


Goebbels & Murdoch's Phony Trump 'Triumph of the Will'

There are people who are completely ignorant, like the Florida pipe bomber who was an avid Trump supporter, and there are people who are disinformed, like the Pittsburgh synogogue mass murderer who used the same language to describe the immigrant caravan as used on Murdoch's Fox 'News' in his last tweet [invaders]. These people, and others like them, might permit themselves to believe the 180 degree narrative spin of the Murdoch propaganda machine. They might walk away from a Murdoch newspaper, news site or TV broadcast thinking that Trump and the Republicans didn't really have their MAGA hats handed to them on Tuesday, but actually won - thanks to the brilliance of the great leader, Donald. Sieg Heil?

A little more than 90 years ago, Joseph Goebbels used to publicize these same kind of adulatory reports about Adolph Hitler as Hitler ascended to power. Goebbels told the German people how everything Adolph did was really a brilliant win - even many years later when the facts started indicating otherwise. Far too many of the German people allowed themselves to believe Goebbels propagandistic fake news reports through to the end of the war, as in Goebbels' last report in April 1945, he told his ignorant and disinformed German audience that the American invaders would rape their women and murder their children. Sound familiar? See why below.


Will Trump & Murdoch Continue Mass Deceit & Manipulation?

Murdoch's Fox Fake News treachery was on display again during the midterm election. There were numerous journalistic transgressions by Fox 'News' including the running of one of Trump's fake news ads which simplistically and inaccurately blamed the Democrats for releasing a lone immigrant killer, who the two billionaires appeared to use to smear and depict as all immigrants.

The irony of the Trump advertisement on Fox 'News' is that the killer they picked was reportedly [by the Sacramento Bee] freed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the recipient of one of Trump's executive pardons. Murdoch's Fox 'News' ran the ad until they found they were the only network running it [other networks refused it or pulled it]. Murdoch's Fox 'News' finally pulled it with only two days remaining before the election. Murdoch's investors need not worry, as he did not turn away much of the revenue.

Murdoch's Fox 'News' breached other journalistic protocols too numerous to mention. But it is worth noting that they recklessly hyped an immigrant caravan of several thousand people, including children, marching on foot as 'invaders'. The reality of the 'invading' caravan of poor destitute people, was that it was smaller than most parades in New York City. Trump added to the deceit by calling on thousands of U.S. Military troops to "defend our borders". Most pundits saw this as an election fear mongering ploy.

We'll soon find out - like we did with Hillary's emails - which Fox 'News' hyped nearly daily / making so much fuss about them prior to the 2016 election - and about which we've heard virtually nothing ever since.

As mentioned above, it's worth mentioning that the murderer who attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 27th, 2018 tweeted that he was "going in" to kill the Jews who he believed were assisting the caravan of "invaders".


Murdoch Taking Control of Disney / ABC - Let the 2020 Mayhem Begin

Few government officials and corporate media outlets appear to be paying much attention to the fact that the world's most dangerous, free-world propagandist is about to take control of Disney / ABC. Disney / ABC is one of the top six news / content producing news organizations in America. This merger, combined with Murdoch's control of 21st Century Fox and Newscorp - also two of America's top six news / content producing organizations - will give billionaire, global propagandist Rupert Murdoch control of over half of America's airwaves.

When you see how much disinformation Murdoch fake news outlets can spread with the media assets he currently controls, think the havoc he will create once he nearly doubles the media assets under his control.

Some Australians already know how oppressive it feels like to have one man, unanswerable to anyone, making all the decisions about who is promoted into positions of power. The rest of the Australians remain completely unaware that their government has been taken over, even as Australians appear to have lost control of their government decade(s) ago to Rupert Murdoch's near monopoly of Australian media.

Australia has become what I call a Media Controlled State [as opposed to state controlled media]. Since siezing control, Murdoch appears to have promoted a former employee [Tony Abbott] to be Australian Prime Minister [2013 - 2015], and Abbott's Administration subsequently failed to file a follow on court motion in a court case between Murdoch and the Australian government, which resulted in the Australian taxpayers giving Murdoch a nearly $1 billion tax break / gift. Australia's national budget was in the neighborhood of $400 billion, so that's a significant budget item - especially to give to one corporation because of one man.

Murdoch also appears to have had his minion Australian Prime Ministers re-write Australia's broadcast regulations over the years. The seemingly Murdoch inspired deregulation enables Murdoch, a foreigner, to control a monopoly share of the Australian media market and by association the national conversation - even though he is not a citizen or resident of that nation. Ever since Murdoch gained the upper hand in Australian media, it appears that nobody becomes Prime Minister without Rupert Murdoch's approval. And Murdoch appears to get his way on national policies that matter to him, or his cronies, as well. Pay heed, because Rupert Murdoch is approaching a nation-controlling share of America's media. And he, like Goebbels before him, appears to use the media to manipulate the vast number of uninformed and / or ignorant voters [like the two referenced above] in pursuit of his own self-serving greed and lust for ever more power. There is, in my mind, something inherently wrong with such people. Bad code.

Donald Trump isn't the only threat facing our democracy. If most Americans are relying on media outlets like Fox 'News', the Wall St Journal and the NY Post - media outlets that fail to include key facts and / or provide distorted narratives of the news - real democracy cannot work. It will not work under such conditions, because we'll never have an intelligent, informed discussion about the issues confronting us, but rather constantly struggle to clean up a Murdoch media manufactured fictional narrative, fostered by fear mongering phonies like Trump and Hannity, to stir the mindless masses into a frenzy, while they steal away our precious liberties, that so many of our American ancestors have risked or given their lives to defend. Sometime next year [2019], you can begin adding Disney / ABC as a Murdoch media outlet, as he is expected to complete his clever Fox inverted takeover of them by early / mid year.


Republicans Suffer Bloodbath in NYS State Elections

On the local level the New York Times reports that NYS Governor Democrat Andrew Cuomo sailed to victory winning 3.350 million votes [59%] to Republican Marc Molinaro's 2.088 million votes [36.8%] to retain his position. For NYS Attorney General Democrat Letitia James bested Cuomo, winning 3.444 million votes [61.9%] to Republican Keith Wofford's 1.985 million votes [35.7%]. NYS Comptroller Democrat Thomas Di Napoli won re-election handily, besting both Cuomo and James with 3.715 million votes [66.6%] to Republican Jonathan Trichter's 1.766 million votes [31.7%]. NYS Senator Democrat Kirsten Gillebrand received 3.699 million votes [66.6%] to Republican Chele Farley's 1.855 million votes [33.4%]. Ballotopedia reports that Democrat Kathy Hochul retained the Lieutenant Governor position with 3.352 million votes [57%] versus Julie Killian who received 2.088 million votes [36.1%].

Republicans also lost all real power in the NYS Legislature, as Democrats won the Senate for the first time in quite a while, while retaining control of the Assembly. While all of the races are not yet final, it looks like in the NYS Senate Democrats will have about 40 seats vs Republicans 23, and in the NYS Assembly Democrats will have 107 seats vs 43. So at the state level, it was a Republican bloodbath.

Having one party in complete control, as we have seen at the national level, is rarely optimal.

In NYS Congressional races there was a surprise win for the Democrats with Max Rose defeating incumbent Republican Dan Donovan in Staten Island's Congressional District 11. And in the 14th District in the Bronx / Queens Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aged 29, set a record by becoming the youngest female congresswoman in American history.

On the Ballot Issues - all three were passed [Yes] with winning margins ranging with 4x, just under 2x and just under 3x Yes's to No's respectively. The numbered ballot issues are explained below.

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