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Donald Trump Tries to Steal the Election with Help from Fox News Maria Bartiromo

Jan 23, 2021 at 06:41 pm by mikewood

Trump poor loser trump tries to steal the election fox news amplifies trump lies maria bartiromo propagandist dhs krebs & atty general bill barr say election fair mcconnell shows no spine on election fraud

You're Looking at the Real Election Fraud ... Straight in the Eyes

trump tries to steal the election even though AG bill barr & DHS Krebs says it was a fair electionNovember 30, 2020 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

Four years ago Donald Trump achieved one of his dreams and became the President of the United States. Now, four years later, we're witnesses to the Donald failing at his ultimate dream - becoming Dictator of the United States - like his buddies Kim Jong Un is in North Korea, Vladimir Putin is in Russia, and his nemesis Xi Jin Ping is in China.

But it hasn't been for lack of trying.


Trump Uses Federal Government Apparatus Like a Dictator, NOT an American President

Trump appeared to use the federal government bureaucracy in its most corrupt rendition since the birth of the republic 230 years ago - to lie, cheat and steal his way to victory.

trump tries to steal the election even though AG bill barr & DHS Krebs says it was a fair electionTrump called on Bill Barr's Department of Justice to 'investigate voter fraud' when there was none. On December 1, 2020 - a full four weeks after the election Barr finally spoke the truth - that there wasn't any widespread fraud.

Trump seemed to use Chad Wolfe's Department of Homeland Security to fund and operate campaign style food giveaways which included promotional style letters with his name on it, even though it was a federal operation using the American taxpayers' money.

He seemed on numerous occasions to try to bend Republicans in local and state government positions and the courts to go along with his fictional voter fraud claims. As of this writing 27 of the 41 lawsuits filed by Trump / Republicans were either dismissed or lost.

trump tries to steal the election even though AG bill barr & DHS Krebs says it was a fair electionTrump appeared to have one of his lackeys, Louis DeJoy, gerry rig the U.S. Post Office, so the postal organization would be challenged to fulfill its role in delivering mail and absentee ballots to the Boards of Elections. This was identified in August and Congress halted it.

He seemed to use Mike Pompeo's State Department as a campaign promotional tool with part real and part fictional peace deals, as well as using the State Department as a dirt digging operation - again using taxpayers' money - to extort dirt or allegations of dirt, on rival Joe Biden. In late 2019 Trump was impeached for using the government as a campaign tool.

Trump seemed to try to use Chad Wolfe's Department of Homeland Security to foment violence in American cities this summer, so he could run as the 'law and order president'. There was an uproar in Congress about this misuse of the DHS and it was halted.

And Trump even called up the U.S. Military to provide air support for a photo op, where he held up a Bible he had never read, as a symbol of his phoniness.

See below for other enablers in the Senate and Congress, like Mitch McConnell.

You're Looking at the Real Election Fraud ... Straight in the Eyes

November 30, 2020 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.

Trump Campaign Appears to Skirt Election Laws: Collusion?

trump tries to steal the election even though AG bill barr & DHS Krebs says it was a fair election kanye west helps trump try to win / steal electionLastly, the NY Times reported that Jared Kushner met with Kanye West the weekend of August 8th & 9th, 2020. Kanye, a Trump supporter, launched a bid for the presidency in mid July and filed to get on the ballot in a number of battleground states including Wisconsin and Ohio.

Kanye failed to meet Federal Election Commission filing deadlines, showing where he's getting his money, and where he's spending it. This is a requirement for candidates spending more than $100,000. The filing fee in Oklahoma was $35,000 alone, so it was likely, when one also factors in the resources needed to gather signatures, and litigate to get on the ballot, that Kanye West had likely spent well over that limit [as of November 2020 the West campaign reportedly spent $6 million and received 60,000 votes].

If Kanye's run for president was colluding with the Trump campaign to defeat Biden, then they are both likely in violation of the law. Kanye had reportedly been in regular contact with Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, as well as Republican operatives, who were also reportedly working on the Kanye West for president campaign. What trick in the book didn't Trump try?


Trump's Lies are Amplified & Given Credibility by Rupert Murdoch's Goebbels Style Propaganda Machine

trump tries to steal the election even though AG bill barr & DHS Krebs says it was a fair election fox news propagandist maria bartiromon helps trump try to steal the electionAnd while Australian born billionaire Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, NY Post and Wall Street Journal aren't owned by the government, Murdoch seems perfectly willing to allow Trump to use his media outlets as a Goebbels style propaganda machine that shows an unbelievable disregard for the truth. The pundits and 'news' people at Fox either let guests, like Trump, ramble on with numerous falsehoods, unchallenged - or even propagate the falsehoods themselves.

Why? Because Murdoch appears to have been handsomely rewarded for his propaganda media support, via Trump legislation, as well as executive actions by the FCC.

The Murdoch Wall Street Journal 'Trump Economy' is just one example of a Murdoch / Trump deceit, as it was propped up with about $6 trillion in deficit spending - see graph below. Another storyline deceit passed along as news has been Trump's ridiculously unfounded claims about widespread voter fraud, including allegations of corrupt voting machines.

Twitter and Facebook ought to consider editing Fox 'News' and Murdoch's other outlets off their platforms, if Murdoch persists in amplifying and spreading false information. If Murdoch's propaganda outlets fail to clean up the disinformation they are spreading via their media outlets - then it seems well within Facebook's and Twitter's rights - to rid their own platforms of Murdoch's Fox falsehoods by editing out erroneous reports / reporters and even entire outlets if they are saturated with false information.

Perhaps the Biden FCC will fix some of this.


Did Fox News & Maria Bartiromo Aid & Abet Yet Another Deceitful Trump Fundraising Scam?

trump tries to steal the election even though AG bill barr & DHS Krebs says it was a fair election fox news maria bartiromo propagandistIn an interview Sunday [11/29] on Fox 'News', Maria Bartiromo seemed to aid and abet the Donald's false voter fraud claims, making the remark quoted below, which tells exactly why she and Trump should not be trying to defraud the American public regarding the integrity of our elections. This sort of behavior is what I've come to see as the bizarro world of propagandists - they seem to be guilty of doing precisely the things that they accuse of others.

"... Elections are the reason that our young men and women go on battlefields across the world and in some cases lose their lives. Because they believe that their vote, my vote, matters just as much as your vote. And if that is not true, this is a very serious turning point for America. So, this is no longer about you, President Trump. This is about America ...”

Bartiromo should have challenged Trump on all of his election fraud nonsense, given that Trump's Cyber Security head of DHS for U.S. elections, had said that these elections were the 'most secure in U.S. history' on November 12, 2020, just a bit more than two weeks earlier.


Fraudulent Journalism? Maria Bartiromo Fails to Ask the Most Basic Truth Seeking Questions on Fox News

trump tries to steal the election even though AG bill barr & DHS Krebs says it was a fair electionBartiromo - like so many on Fox News - appears to fake a phony patriotism. She seems to do this while providing an unAmerican embrace of Trump's unsubstantiated election fraud claims, which Republican judges and Republican government officials have swatted down as dishonest and deceitful. Unlike Bartiromo, who appears to be undermining our democracy, the Republican government officials and Republican appointed judges - in spite of threats to them [by Trump supporters?] - stood up to the nasty lies and disinformation campaigns levelled against them.

In the photo at right shows Chris Krebs, former chief of Cyber Security at Homeland Security [until November 12, 2020], when he was reportedly fired by Trump for trying to contain the disinformation put out by Trump and his allies that there was fraud in this past election. One can only hypothesize that the record $170 million reported by the Washington Post that Trump raised [scammed?] in November 2020 AFTER THE ELECTION - by manipulating his incredibly ignorant followers, by playing to their patriotism with his simpy 'stop the steal' pitch - would not have been possible without the help / silence / collusion of propaganda pundits on Fox News and NY Post, as well as key members of his Administration as noted above, and key Republicans like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, as well as Mitch McConnell as noted below.

trump tries to steal the election even though AG bill barr & DHS Krebs says it was a fair electionIf Bartiromo and Fox News can so seemingly distort the truth on something that goes to the very heart of our democracy to enhance profits, why should people trust her / them to accurately report on their investment news? Why wouldn't she / they distort the narratives on stocks she / they own, want to own, or want to dump?

While the mainstream media appears to attempt to accurately report the news, their superficial reports covering deceivers like Trump, Giuliani, McConnell & company and the things they say, without doing the homework to properly contextualize things instead of just repeating them, is also a contributor to our disinformation problem. Viewers must take to the net to find the people and organizations that are doing real journalism, because these days, most of the people I consider to be real journalists, won't be found at the big corporations. We have a systemic problem.


Trump Appears to Play as Fast & Loose with Other People's Money as he does the Facts

In any event, somewhere between 50% - 70% of the donations going to Trump 'to fight election fraud' are actually going to pay down his debts and other causes based on what's written in the fine print on his website [see last line on the graphic from the Trump website above]. According to a November 27, 2020 headline by Newsweek,

"Trump Set to Leave Office with at Least $850,000 of Unpaid Campaign Rally Bills"

trump election fraud using us government? trump fraud trump debts $850 million of unpaid campaign bills trump stiffs cities across america taxpayersSo not only does Trump appear to be scamming his supporters for funds, but once again Trump appears to scam the Americans living in the small towns and cities across the nation, by leaving unpaid bills at American municipalities to litigate, in order to obtain Trump Campaign payment, or to tap their hardworking taxpaying base to pay the BILLIONAIRE'S MAGA rally bills, as Trump appears to have stiffed numerous municipalities according to the Newsweek story noted at right.

This is not unlike what Trump appears to have done in the past to contractors, employees, partners, investors and lenders. See our section dedicated to Donald Trump's dishonest life by clicking this link. Be warned, you'll need a good shower after immersing yourself in his filth.

So Bartiromo, like so many [others] in the Trump Administration , appears to be aiding and abetting Trump in yet another of his scuzzball, slimeball, sleazeball scams. I added the adjectives scuzzball, slimeball and sleazeball, because this ties into my theory of the bizarro world of propagandists, as noted above.

The theory holds that propagandists are guilty of that which they accuse others. Prior to becoming president Donald Trump used to go around New York calling all sorts of people slimeballs, sleazeballs and scuzzballs. In psychological terms this phenomena - attributing characteristics you have, onto others - is called projection. I have a corollary theory, which is that the reason people [like Trump] project their characteristics onto others, is in order to deflect people's attention away from noticing these traits in them.


Trump - As Poor a Loser, as He was a President?

trump election fraud using us government? trump fraud trump debts $850 million of unpaid campaign bills trump stiffs cities across america taxpayersDonald Trump seems to have done little good for this country and an incredible amount of harm. In addition to alienating our allies, and emboldening our adversaries, he's plunged America deeper into debt by $6 TRILLION dollars in just four years.

The Trump Administration is fully responsible for nearly 25% of all U.S. debt on the nation's balance sheet - and far more - if you include the Federal Reserve's $3 TRILLION CoVid bailout / liquidity efforts [11.30.20 Update - the Federal Reserve revised that projection down to $2 TRILLION]. That money has been used to 'juice up' the 'Trump economy'. This is the part of the narrative / explanation you won't find on Murdoch's Fox News or even Murdoch's Wall Street Journal.

And Trump's latest bid to corruptly overturn an election he handily lost by well over 6,250,000 votes, adds to the destabilization of our American democratic institutions.

As noted above [see graphic] Trump also seems to be using his poor sport, sore loser, unfounded claims of election fraud, to raise money off of the most ignorant of his working class supporters, who he has convinced to help him, a billionaire who lives in luxury, pay down his debts by appealing to their patriotism [stop the steal / protecting our sacred vote], while burying where much or most of the money was really going [to pay off his debts] in the fine print. See our November 10th, 2020 story detailing what seems Trump's use of federal government to scam supporters into paying his bills / debts.

trump election fraud using us government? trump fraud trump debts $850 million of unpaid campaign bills trump stiffs cities across america taxpayersSome good measure of the responsibility must be attributed to phony fiscal conservative, Senate Republican Mouse Majority Leader, MITCH MCCONNELL, who has been Trump's reliable enabler. Unfortunately for us, the inattentive voters of Kentucky don't seem to know who Mitch McConnell really is, nor who he and his Chinese born wife. Elaine Chao, seem to work for. HINT - they do not appear to be working for middle class Kentuckians or, in some cases, even Americans.

So was there election fraud in 2020? I would say yes. But it was not the election fraud that super con man Donald Trump and his henchmen, enablers and propagandists are talking about - but rather the con they're working ... that they're not talking about.