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The Accomplishments of Donald Trump While President

May 01, 2021 at 06:41 pm by mikewood

the character of donald j trump trump character defined by racism and violence

Donald Trump Accomplishments / Failures

What did Trump Really do While President? Was the Slogan - Make America Great Again - Just Another Big Lie?

fox news / sean hannity conspiracy theorist loses lawsuit to family of seth richJanuary 25, 2021 / US Politics / NYC Neighborhoods / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

There’s an old saying from about a century ago, that goes something like this,

“Good government doesn’t make good headlines.”

After watching the Trump Administration, I’ve come to believe there’s an apt corollary, which goes something like this,

“Bad government makes great headlines.”


Did Bad Government Make Great Headlines & Drive Murdoch's Fox TV Ratings and Profit?

And Australian born billionaire and propagandist media mogul Rupert Murdoch - the silent hand who pulls the strings on the people and the pols on three continents - should know. Because he appears to have been profiting by exploiting that knowledge and the truth for decades.

But we’ve entered a new era since Trump won the presidency in 2016 because both men were born rich and behave as if the rules don’t apply to them. And unfortunately, they mostly don’t.


Above the Law?

Billionaires Murdoch & Trump Seem to Pummel Those Who Stand up to Them, Sharing Similarities to What Hitler & Goebbels did in Germany in the Early 1930’s, at the Dawn of the Rise of the Nazis

fox news / sean hannity conspiracy theorist loses lawsuit to family of seth richTrump has reportedly financially screwed numerous small contractors, employees, investors and lenders - not to mention the American people - as during his Administration the federal government took on an additional $6 trillion in debt to provide fiscal stimulus and tax breaks to billionaires like Murdoch and himself, as well as to mega millionaires like Sean Hannity of Murdoch’s Fox News propaganda outlet.

Murdoch, in a similar fashion, has publicly abused hundreds, thousands and possibly millions of people by famously hacking their phones for headlines in Britain through his Newscorp, indirectly yanking Britain out of the EU through his Brexit campaign, and indirectly sending troops from his native Australia, as well as Britain and the U.S., to Iraq - by virtue of his media influence in those nations and by cajoling his current business partner, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and one time friend, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


Donald Trump Accomplishments / Failures

What did Trump Really do While President? Was the Slogan - Make America Great Again - Just Another Big Lie?

January 25, 2021 / US Politics / NYC Neighborhoods / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.


Putin, Murdoch & Goebbels Know Full Well that the Pen is Mightier than the Sword - Because You Can Incite Millions to Vote Against Their Own Interests [Murdoch's Brexit] & Thousands to Commit Acts of Violence & Vandalism [Trump's Capitol Riots] - and the Inciter is rarely, if ever, Held Accountable for it

fox news / sean hannity conspiracy theorist loses lawsuit to family of seth richVladimir Putin seems, better than most, to understand the current dynamics of operating effectively within the world in which we live. This means that the pen is mightier than the sword. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist knew this full well too. And Rupert Murdoch appears to have been practicing the dark propagandistic arts for decades.


The graph at right shows how well the British people fared economically after Murdoch seemed to manipulate the British people's vote regarding the Brexit referendum.

But, while the British people appear to have generally lost in the deal, the billionaire Murdoch and his rich friends did avoid further taxation from the European Union. And perhaps even more importantly, Murdoch appears to have maintained his tight grip on the Conservative Party in the U.K. and his most valuable propaganda asset there - Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Militarily & Economically Using the Pen Enables Significantly Less Spending on Hardware & Risking GIs' Lives

The U.S. spends about $740 billion on defense annually, while Russia spends just one tenth of that amount, $70 billion, on their defense. Meanwhile, the Chinese spend about $250 billion annually on defense, and they account for the second largest in military expenditures, after the U.S..

So with all that military spending by the U.S., it is Russia who appears to have managed to create an incredible amount of chaos within our nation, by using very cost effective propaganda techniques to interfere in our elections. Russia also appears to have exploited the celebrity and greed of several American businessmen for its own purposes.


Getting Started: Russia Needed Proponents to Popularize & Publicize its Demagogic Propaganda - Murdoch's Fox & Trump?

fox news / sean hannity conspiracy theorist loses lawsuit to family of seth richYes, I am talking about Donald Trump. It seems former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross may have been a secretive enabler of both the Russians and Trump. This was while Ross was one of the leading figures at the Bank of Cypress, which at the time was rumored to be a big money laundering bank for the Russian Oligarchs.

Reportedly Ross was an enabler of Trump by appearing to facilitate / launder some of the Russians’ rubles into Trump’s real estate business, thus enabling Trump to avoid bankruptcy and maintain liquidity in the 2008 real estate downturn. And enabler of the Russians, by seeming to help facilitate their relationship with the Donald, which appears to have been used to create chaos on the American political scene starting in 2016.

As pointed out in prior reports, the billionaire Russian Oligarchs, showed up numerous times during the 2016 presidential campaign, as well as shortly thereafter - before the investigation into the Donald’s ties to the Russians began in early 2017 [see prior reports in our Trump section].

You'll infrequently or even rarely find reports about the REAL Donald Trump on Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, because Trump appears not to just be a Russian asset - but also a Murdoch asset. See our prior reports for what appears a quid pro quo.


Multi-Millionaire Fox 'News' Propagandist Hannity Rips Another Ratings Busting Russian Yarn?

fox news / sean hannity conspiracy theorist loses lawsuit to family of seth richFox News recently settled a lawsuit [November 2020] where they are alleged to have broadcast numerous false reports of a cooked up a conspiracy theory that Seth Rich was murdered because he was connected to the release of DNC emails to the Russians. Sean Hannity seemed to be the point man, and after the lawsuit came out, Hannity said that nobody would ever 'censor' him. But I guess the lawsuit did, because Hannity has not said a word about his exclusive Seth Rich conspiracy theory story ever since. And that was nearly four years ago.

Pay attention when Sean Hannity tells you that he has an exclusive, and that you will only hear this 'news' from him. Like the Seth Rich story, it may be that you'll only hear it from him, because perhaps it's not real news. In fact it could just be a narrative that Hannity created, to gin up his ratings, so he can keep getting paid tens of millions of dollars each year by Fox 'News' Murdoch, who seems to use such tricks to 'earn' even more.

Hannity got his start in the media by reportedly amplifying another conspiracy about gays and AIDS. He went on to hype the Iraq War by seeming to scaremonger people about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. And then Hannity hyped the conspiracy theory murder of Seth Rich - which some believe was a conspiracy cooked up by Hannity in tandem with Donald Trump after Trump had become president - in an effort to distract the American people from the Russia investigation.

In settling the suit in 2020, Fox 'News', a highly suspect news source, required that Seth Rich's parents not talk about it until AFTER the 2020 presidential election.


Trump Accomplishments & Failures - Continued

So, keeping the above short story in mind, let’s look at what the Donald really achieved for America, and you can determine for yourself who were the real beneficiaries of the Trump presidency.

Why does the Truth Matter?

More coming over the next week or two ...