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Thanksgiving Food & Wine Shopping NYC

May 18, 2023 at 12:15 am by PeterParker

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NYC Gourmet Shops & Thanksgiving Restaurants in NYC

Shops and Restaurants for Preparing or Eating Thanksgiving Day Dinner in NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island

thanksgiving day shops and restaurants in manhattan thanksgiving day restaurants gourmet shops manhattan nycNovember 2, 2022 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Holidays / Gotham Buzz NYC.

The origins of Thanksgiving Day in the United States began with one of America’s first settlements, founded by the risk-taking, resource-pooling, hardworking, spiritual community of Pilgrims. The Pilgrims were early English settlers who arrived on American shores in the early 17th century [1600’s]. They came here because they wanted a measure of freedom and self-determination that they were forbidden in Europe or what was called the ‘old country’. The Pilgrims wanted to practice their faith, unencumbered, in a way that differed from the established Church of England. They pooled their money to obtain a ship, the Mayflower, to cross the Atlantic in mid September of 1620, landing on America's shores at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts on November 9, 1620.

The Pilgrims Receive Help from the Native People of a Strange Land

Per Wikipedia, the Piligrims survived a hard winter in 1621 with the help of the Wampanoag, an American Indian tribe. The Pilgrims were the immigrants, and the first Americans, the Indian natives, welcomed them. The Wampanaog taught the Pilgrims how to catch eels, and how to grow and harvest corn. Thus the Pilgrims ended 1621 with a good harvest which they celebrated and shared with their new friends, expressing their thanks to a higher power, aka God, for the success of their endeavors.

Thus it was that the first Thanksgiving celebration happened in America. There's some dispute to this account, which we'll address in a future post, near Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Gourmet Food Stores & Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day in NYC

This section is intended to provide a few suggestions for Thanksgiving Day food shopping and a number of restaurants that are open Thanksgiving Day in NYC. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list as there are many other fine NYC shops and restaurants, but for the moment this is what we have to offer.

For shops and restaurants the NYC COVID protocols remain in effect. Rsvp is recommended.

Click here for Thanksgiving Day gourmet specialty food shops, grocery stores and restaurants in Manhattan NYC.

Click here for Thanksgiving Day gourmet food specialty shops, grocery stores, restaurants and communal events in Queens NYC.

Click here for Thanksgiving Day restaurants, gourmet specialty food shops and grocery stores in Brooklyn NYC .

Click here for Thanksgiving Day restaurants, gourmet food shops and grocery stores in the Bronx NYC.

Click here for Thanksgiving Day restaurants, gourmet specialty food shops and grocery stores on Staten Island NYC.