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Donald Trump Hoaxes - Trump's Staged Hospital Visit Hoax for CoVid Seemed Medically Unnecessary

Nov 29, 2020 at 06:41 pm by mikewood

trump's covid hospital visit a made for TV hoax one of donald trump's hoaxes

Was Trump's Hospital Visit a Made-for-TV Hoax?

Much Ado About Nothing Fed to American People via Corporate TV Nets

Was a Free, Live & Staged TV Program Provided by the Donald?

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls October 5, 2020 / NYC Neighborhoods / U.S. Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

The lines between 'reality TV' which seems staged reality on TV, and the real reality on TV seem to have disappeared. Occasionally I hear people complain about the authenticity of the information they get on the internet or social media - but from where I sit you can easily add the things you see on television - even network news - to the list of questionable sources.

The photo at right shows Trump saluting from the White House balcony after he was returned home from his trumped up hospital visit to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. It's unclear why he's saluting the White House lawn except for theatrics since he didn't speak.


TV News Seems Corrupted by the Ratings of the Things they Cover

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls The reason I say this is because the beautiful, well dressed teleprompter actors and actresses who read you your highly scripted nightly bedtime news stories, rely on teams of well paid, ratings driven writers. Most of these readers and writers are not the hard scrabble, cynical, hard nosed, been around the block, highly inquisitive journalists of what seems a bygone era of American journalism.

They may work for corporations who own and leverage the same well known, once trusted brands - but when you look under the hood of these corporations at the people who are currently running things and how they are running things - oh, my, how things have changed.

And then there's Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, NY Post and Wall St Journal which seem a well oiled, outright propaganda machine.

The same is true of American government and politics. There was a time when the halls of Washington, D.C. were filled with people who believed in some things - like representing the people who voted for them, the U.S. Constitution and the guiding Englightment era philosophy behind it all. But today, the numbers of these kinds of folks in Washington, D.C., are few and far between. Far too many of them are beholden to wealthy individuals and large corporations for the funds needed to run their campaigns every election cycle.

So why does this matter? Because we have a vapid media and a vacuous Senate and [far less so] House that seem to do whatever, for the whoever, highest bidder. And Donald Trump and his co-conspirator (?) Australian born billionaire Rupert Murdoch know this. And they seem to exploit these failings every day. Like this past weekend.


Why Did the Donald Appear to Stage his CoVid Hospitalization?

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls Last week Donald Trump had possibly one of the worst weeks ever - and even in these strange times that's VERY VERY BAD.

Last week: 1) news of the Donald's 'success' in not paying his fair share of taxes came out, 2) alongside the fact that he appears to owe $421 million in debt coming due after the election, that his current businesses aren't generating the profits required to enable payment [and to whom he owes the money remains a mystery], 3) that one of his campaign staffers / consultants - Brad Pascale - was alleged to be contemplating suicide having distributed $112 million in Trump Campaign cash to a myriad of LLC's [corruption?], 4) and the Donald turned in probably one of the worst debate performances in American History where in an hour and a half, as a sitting president, he said that he: a) wouldn't rebuke an alleged White Supremacist group - the Proud Boys - telling them to stand back and stand by, b) wouldn't agree to peacefully give up the office of the presidency of the United States unless he wins a second term and c) behaved on stage in a manner one might expect of a juvenile delinquent.

By creating a ruckus about his health, the Donald managed to bury an incredible amount of bad news, by distracting the glamorous TV dunces into focusing their coverage and the conversation about his health. And he managed to fit it fairly tightly into the weekend news cycle, so that little real campaign time was lost.

Based on the comments the Donald made coming out of his 'hospitalization' stage, it looks like he's going to use what seems a campaign staged event - to change the conversation going into the rest of the election. Change? You ask. Yes, change by using his personal hospitalization experience with CoVid to dismiss the threat of it, by telling people it's no big deal. I reckon the pitch will be something like, re-elect the Donald and CoVid will just 'disappear' ... [what they won't say is that it will disappear] from the news ...

Was Trump's Hospital Visit a Made-for-TV Hoax?

Much Ado About Nothing Fed to American People via Corporate TV Nets

Was a Free, Live & Staged TV Program Provided by the Donald?

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls October 5, 2020 / NYC Neighborhoods / U.S. Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

The Timeline of Trump's Mild CoVid Infection Case - Thursday / Friday

On Wednesday night, September 30th Hope Hicks, a Trump Aide, reported she was feeling CoVid symptoms on the plane ride home from a Trump 'Make America Great Again' rally in Minnesota. She tested positive for CoVid Thursday morning, October 1st. White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, said the administration learned of Hicks' illness Thursday afternoon, as Marine One was preparing to lift off for the president's fundraiser at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. But that didn't stop them from going on with the fundraising event, nor did they inform the donors in attendance, of the possible contagion by the CoVid Denier in Chief [Editor's Note: in a report filed over a week following the event, about contact tracing by the State of New Jersey, it appeared nobody contracted CoVid at the event].

At right Murdoch's NY Post propaganda outlet uses what seems an unnecessary / phony hospitalization to lionize the Donald in order to change the pre-election narrative of his rude behavior and poor performance at the debate, his tax avoidances, and his insulting comments about people who serve in the military.

By 1 AM Friday morning, October 2nd, the Donald's schedule had been completely revised for the coming day. Later Friday morning, it was reported that the Donald and Melania had both tested positive for CoVid 19 the day before. Between 5 pm and 6 pm Friday, October 2nd, the Donald had announced he was on his way to Walter Reed Medical Center "out of an abundance of caution".


Did the White House & Murdoch's Propaganda Machine Spin Trump's Mild CoVid Infection into an Unnecessary Hospitalization - Friday / Saturday

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls The Non Reasons for Moving Trump to the Hospital. Sometime beginning Friday evening and Saturday morning [October 2nd & 3rd], the spin doctors began narrating what seems a questionable tale, the theme of which they appeared to bungle in real time. The only reason given for moving the Donald from the White House to the Walter Reed Medical Center was that the Donald felt fatigued and they briefly put him on oxygen. Who hasn't felt fatigued these days? And getting an oxygen dose is like taking aspirin for some people - it's a big nothing. I've noted above what I believe to be the real reasons for Trump's trip to the hospital.

On Friday, October 2, 2020 Murdoch's NY Post is already predicting a rapid recovery - even though 'the president' wasn't flown to nor yet admitted into Walter Reed Medical Center until about 6 pm that day. I suspect they knew that while Trump may have tested positive, he wasn't very [really?] ill.

TV News & the Propaganda Network. I also suspect Australian born billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who controls more major American media brands than anyone else [controls Fox News, WSJ & NY Post and largest shareholder in ABC], suggested directly or indirectly that Trump shake up the conversation from the disastrous media week he'd just come through, and change the conversation by having himself hospitalized. As noted in a prior post, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's popularity rose by 6 points following his CoVid hospitalization. And as here, so to in Britain, where Murdoch controls the largest share of privately owned mass media.


Was Trump's CoVid Hospitalization a Big Ratings-Grabbing Made-for-TV Hoax?

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls On Saturday, October 3, 2020 in a report by CNN, the President's physician, Dr. Sean Conley was quoted as follows,

" ... [Trump] “is not on oxygen right now.”

" When he was asked if the President received it at all, Conley would not directly answer just saying “He has not needed any this morning, today at all.” Asked if he had ever on been on supplemental oxygen as part of his Covid-19 treatment, Conley said “right now he is not,” adding “yesterday and today, he was not on oxygen.”

Now, if Trump wasn't on oxygen after he was admitted on Friday and didn't need oxygen on Saturday which was the first full day of his admission, and Trump was qualified to be discharged on Sunday, but decided to leave Monday instead - then I think the real question is was this a Trump CoVid Hospitalization Hoax? The same analysis applies to the absence of a fever measure by the staff at Walter Reed Medical Center since Trump's admission there on Friday.


Where's the Fever? Trump's CoVid Appears to have been Very Mild

According to Stat News [the timing of which seemed to be confirmed in a Tuesday 10/6 report posted by the BBC], on the afternoon of Monday, October 5, 2020, Conley said that the president hadn't had any fever in over 72 hours. So working backwards, that means Trump didn't have a fever Sunday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and probably none on Friday evening when he was admitted. So one has to ask did Trump ever have a fever? I suspect not.


Was Mark Meadows 'Leaked' Narrative Used to Cover Up Conley's Truths?

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows seemed to realize that someone might catch on to what seems a staged, political fraudulent event [he needn't have worried because none of the TV teleprompter readers did]. So, I surmise that Meadows quickly mixed up the narrative claiming Trump had used oxygen a couple of times on Saturday.

And Meadows then seemed to oversee a follow up press conference by Dr. Sean Conley [see photo at right], where Conley seemed to refute his own account of Trump not being on oxygen Saturday and to confirm Meadows' account that Trump was on oxygen a couple of times on Saturday. Conley explained he was reporting things [originally] to be in collaboration with 'the Trump team'. But I suspect his original account was correct, and his corrected account was false as Conley is not an accomplished liar like the rest of the seasoned Trump team. That seems the Trump modus operandi since he took office in 2017.

It's worth mentioning that Dr. Sean Conley is not just a doctor, but also a U.S. Navy Officer and as such the President - who is the armed forces commander in chief - is his boss in the military line of command. So as a military man he likely is required to submit to conform to the contradictory b.s. spin put out by Mark Meadows about the 'dire condition' of the president on Saturday - if ordered to do so.


Melania Trump, in a White House Letter, Says Son Barron Asymptomatic & She Healed Naturally

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls Like so much of what this president does, his hospitalization seemed to be in total defiance of reality, as Melania and countless others were simultaneously infected with mild cases of the virus - and as far as I know, with the exception of Chris Christie, who also checked himself into the hospital - they recovered at home. Christie has multiple underlying condtions including asthma and obesity.

On October 14, 2020 Melania wrote a letter that was published on the White House website where she told us her son Barron "exhibited no symptoms". She went on to tell us that her "diagnosis came withminimal symptoms" and that she "... experienced body aches, a cough and headaches, and felt extremely tired most of the time ... ", but that she "... chose to go a more natural route in terms of medicine, opting more for vitamins and healthy food ...". So Barron and Melania, who live with the Donald, were asymptomatic and required no real medical care, respectively.

By Sunday, October 11, 2020, NPR reported that Trump's physician, Sean Conley, said that Trump was,

"no longer a transmission risk to others," and that there was "no longer evidence of actively replicating virus."

The gestation period for CoVid is estimated at up to fourteen days. But Donald Trump caught it, had it and "recovered" from it, along with his family, in about eleven days - based on what we've been told by the Trump Administration via the corporate media reporters covering it.


American Corporate TV News - Took Hook, Line & Sinker?

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls It's my contention that the Donald's trip to the hospital was totally unnecessary from a medical perspective. And Murdoch's branded media propagandists on Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, seemed to provide media cover for Trump's hyped up, fake news trip to the hospital.


The other corporate TV brands seemed to fall for it hook, line and sinker too - at first. They all 'worried' about the state of the president's health, and conjectured that the confusion in the reports of the actual events leading up to 'the president's' move, were being hidden to shield the American public from what they seemed to regard as Trump's more serious health condition. When in fact - it seems just the opposite - and that the Donald wasn't seriously ill at all.


Was the Administration of Drugs a Deception or Real Therapy or a Means of Dismissing / Diminishing the Threat of CoVid?

trump hospital visit was a hoax trump fakes hospital visit to turn around campaign in polls The Donald is said to have taken a number of drugs. Three in particular - Remdesivir, an antibody cocktail and dexamethazine. I may add a bit more at a later date about what each therapy does and how the dull witted numbskull analysts of the mainstream media intrepreted what the administration of each drug implied. While Murdoch's propaganda machine outlets seemed to hype Trump's 'recovery' as something of a miracle in what appeared to be an effort to dimiss or diminish the CoVid threat.

The corporate TV networks seemed not to suspect that they were possibly being manipulated by the Donald and Murdoch's Fox News, Wall St. Journal and NY Post - to report the story exactly as they covered it. Instead they thought that the Donald was covering up a greater illness, rather than staging and hyping a mild illness. Wouldn't you think that after five years of covering "the president" that they would have learned something?

If true, it seems criminal that Donald Trump has tried to use a mild CoVid infection, to turn around what's now looking like his landslide loss re-election bid. And to mislead the American public about an illness that has had fatal consequences for over 210,000 Americans seems especially cold - even for Donald Trump. More people died from CoVid than from the Vietnam War [58,000], WWI [116,000], the Korean War [40,000] and if the Donald somehow cheats his way to a second term, we're sure to surpass the casualties for WWII [291,000].

Think about this.

It's truly disgusting - not fake staged TV disgusting.