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The Many Ways Donald Trump Tried to Steal the Election of 2020

Nov 29, 2020 at 06:41 pm by mikewood

donald trump and the many ways he tried to steal the election of 2020 donald trump is a poor loser a sore loser a bad sport donald trump throws a baby man tantrum

Rigged Election: Who's Trying to Steal it?

Trump is Battling the Election Results Like He's Battled CoVid, his Trump-Sized Budget Deficit & Climate Change - Ignore the Facts & Change the Perception

trump cheating 2020 election mail fraud trump dejoy usps mail fraud by trump campaign?November 6, 2020 / NYC Neighborhoods / U.S. Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.


A Sore Loser, Poor Sport & a Rich Old Man's Tantrum?

Donald Trump has never comported himself with any dignity or decency befitting the presidency - so why would anyone expect his presidency to end with it?

Except the low information, no information and disinformation voters who cling to him like he's some sort of savior.

We saw this same sort of phenomena occur in the 1930's and 1940's in Germany. That was a story that didn't end well for that nation - and it would have been far, far worse - were it not for the decency and generosity of the American people.

By all accounts, Biden is the likely victor of the 2020 presidential race. He leads in electoral college votes and it appears he needs to close only one or two more states to finish the race, which in most remaining states and by most accounts, seem to be trending in his favor.


America's Top Fixer, Rudy Schmooliani, Fresh Out of Improv Role in Borat2, Returns to Star Role in the TV Presidency of DJT

trump cheating 2020 election mail fraud trump dejoy usps mail fraud by trump campaign?The Trump Campaign began pulling out all stops to halt the fair part of the American electoral process, by summoning America's Fixer, Rudy Giuliani, to lead the litigation publicity program.

Schmooliani had just finished filming his cameo role in Borat 2, but wasted no time in zipping up his pants again, before departing for Philadelphia to make an important stage appearance in the Epilogue segment of the TV Presidency of DJT.

In the photo at right, a still shot taken from the film Borat 2, shows Rudy Giuliani making 'an adjustment to his microphone'. I do hope Rudy washed his hands after tampering with his 'microphone', as these days one can never be sure of what kind of bacterial or viral germs one might be exposed to by touching things.

Rigged Election: Who's Trying to Steal it?

Trump is Battling the Election Results Like He's Battled CoVid, his Trump-Sized Budget Deficit & Climate Change - Ignore the Facts & Change the Perception

November 6, 2020 / NYC Neighborhoods / U.S. Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.


Strike 1 - Withhold American Taxpayers' Money to Extort Real or Fabricated Dirt on Opposition

The saying goes, if you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough.

Thus nobody is accusing the Trumps of not trying hard enough in the 2020 campaign.

In 2019 America's top fixer, Giuliani, who was once a respected former Mayor, appeared to try to extort the president of Ukraine, in an effort to either dig up dirt or create allegations of dirt on Biden's son which Giuliani would have undoubtedly spread like manure, on Rupert Murdoch's Fox Fake News Machine [includes the NY Post & WSJ].

Giuliani had been successful in doing something similar to this in 2016, when he appeared to have ferreted out the computer of Anthony Weiner containing Hillary Clinton emails that Murdoch's Fox Fake News, NY Post and probably WSJ hyped and amplified, with insinuations of something criminal, repeatedly until the election. After the election - poof - all those front page stories on Fox News, the NY Post and WSJ just disappeared. That's how the Murdoch mind manipulation machine works.

This year Giuliani's first election manipulation effort at the Biden smear didn't go well, and ended up with Trump's impeachment. Strike One.


Strike 2 - Sabotage the United States Postal Service

trump cheating 2020 election mail fraud trump dejoy usps mail fraud by trump campaign?Seeming not to be deterred from stealing the election away from the American People, the Donald devised a plan to sabotage the voting by mail process.

In this phase of the steal-the-election effort, the Donald appointed Louis 'Louie' DeJoy to be Post Master General. Louie seemed to set about to destroy the efficiency and timeliness of the United States Postal Service, by dismantling the organization's mail collection and sorting infrastructure.

The purpose of this appears to be an outright attempt to sabotage the election and will of the American people, by slowing down the mail enough to prevent tons of mailed ballots from arriving in time to be included in the count. The use of mail ballots is strongly favored by Democrats, and thus favors Biden.

Louie got caught - but only after some good measure of the USPS had been impaired. Thus, reportedly hundred(s) of thousands of ballots never made it to their intended destination in time. Mail ballots strongly favor Biden. In a Herculean effort, Louie DeJoy, even ignored a court order to sweep post offices for ballots on election day, and deliver them to the Election Boards. Strike Two.

Strikes Not Included in the Strike Count. See story on July 20, 2020 where Trump appeared to try to use the Department of Homeland Security to stoke tensions and inflame social unrest so he could portray himself as the 'Law & Order President'. It's another strike, but I'm not even going to count that one here. And I have not included in the strike count the reported Trump efforts to help Kanye West launch a separate bid for president in an effort to draw votes in the African American community away from Biden. According to an August 13, 2020 report in Politico,

" ... West’s quixotic White House bid has drawn scrutiny in recent weeks amid efforts by some Trump supporters and Republican operatives to help him organize and get on the ballot in battleground states.

Kushner, too, has become mired in controversy among critics who argue his potential boosting of West’s campaign to benefit Trump could constitute an illegal act..."


Strike 3 - Repeat the Smear Campaign

trump cheating 2020 election mail fraud trump dejoy usps mail fraud by trump campaign?When henchman Louie was caught red handed rigging the USPS in August, the Donald had to come up with another sabotage-the-election plan in what appears to be multiple efforts by him to rig the election.

Rigging the election is something he keeps accusing others of doing, when in fact he seems the king de rigueur of election rigging. He also accuses others of being sleazeballs and slimeballs - when based on our research of his past dealings - those labels seem to fit him about as well or even better than anyone else. See our Trump section on Gotham Buzz for details.

So, late in the game, Rudy Giuliani appears to have dug up / manufactured more dirt on Biden's son, which has been rumored to have come from the Russians. Reputable news organizations refused to publish and amplify Giuliani's findings, like they had done four years earlier when they published and broadcast the allegations and innuendo regarding the Hillary Clinton emails - a story in which Giuliani also appeared to play a role in manufacturing. But that didn't stop Murdoch's Fox Fake News and NY Post from doing their best to disinform their audiences, which they appear to manipulate daily. But the audiences of Murdoch media are already a big part of Trump's base, so preaching to the gullible who trust Murdoch's Fox Fake News didn't change anything. Strike Three.

So Trump has already struck out - but he's claiming Executive Privilege - which Bill Barr always seems to enable. Trump appears to keep trying to rig the election in his favor in complete disrespect of all of our American democratic institutions.


Strike 4 - Claim the Election was Rigged Like in 2016 & Try Litigating Your Way to Victory

trump cheating 2020 election mail fraud trump dejoy usps mail fraud by trump campaign?

Of course when all else fails, start lying and litigating.


America's Top Fixer, Rudy Guiliani, was summoned back into action, fresh off the improv set of Borat 2. But Giuliani, like Trump himself, is hardly a credible figure anymore.


Now Trump keeps repeating his attacks, accusing the Democrats of stealing the election - when the reality is that that's exactly what Trump appears to have been doing all year.


Media Malfunctions Before Finally Hitting the Mute Button

Why aren't the TV Networks doing a better job of pushing back on Trump's claims, by exposing his attempts to cheat the American people out of their choice for president?

For the past five years the TV Networks have been laboriously slow in figuring out how to report the real news, instead of repeating the Trump fake news. They developed a five year old crutch of repeating everything Trump says or tweets, and then expressing their outrage or debunking it.

Why post, publish or broadcast his nonsense at all?


Both the Network News, as well as the Biden campaign, need to do a better job of making the American people aware of who's really trying to rig the election, by citing all of Trump's previous and current attempts.

To their credit, on Thursday evening November 5, 2020 the networks finally hit the mute button on 'president' Trump as 'in a press conference' he ranted, raved, whined and threw what seemed a presidential cry baby tantrum, tossing a plethora of false accusations all around the room. Strike Four.


Strike 5 - Murdoch's Fox News Early Call of Arizona for Biden Distracts, Keeping Biden & the Media Away

Are Trump & DeJoy Busy Rigging the Mail Ballots?

trump cheating 2020 election mail fraud trump dejoy usps mail fraud by trump campaign?Louie DeJoy's sabotaging of the mail ballot using the USPS seemed to begin with crippling delivery. One has to ask what else these seeming criminals will do to win the election? The Trump team is probably working on their next election rigging surprise and the above headline and narrative below are just one of a long list of possible hypotheticals.

Arizona and Nevada are out of the 'watchful eye' of the NYC dominated media, and rather under the 'watchful eye' of the local press - much of which is controlled by Trump allies Sheldon Adelson in Nevada, Sinclair Broadcasting, and Rupert Murdoch's Fox News.

The local news may be susceptible to following the [fake?] news leads of the outlets controlled by these two billionaires and mega millionaire. The lead narratives started by Fox Fake News - which were repeated by their competitors - went on for a long time here in NYC. Iit appears the other TV Networks have finally wised up, as they seem more careful in checking before repeating the contrived narratives coming out of Fox Fake News, the NY Post and even the WSJ.


Is the Mail Vote Ballot Box [USPS] Controlled by a Saboteur?

trump cheating 2020 election mail fraud trump dejoy usps mail fraud by trump campaign?Louie DeJoy has control of the mail-in / USPS ballot box. Thus far it seems he has done everything within his power to rig the election in Trump's favor, regardless of the law [see contempt of a court order on election day in the graphic above]. So when Trump talks about ballot boxes being dumped at the Boards of Elections, maybe he's foreshadowing what he's planning to do. And because the TV Networks keep refuting his false claims, they might be hard pressed to accuse the Trump campaign of doing just that.

So everyone should not only keep a watchful eye for possible mail ballots malfeasance, but stick to demanding that every LEGAL vote is counted - not every vote. Unfortunately our system is a game of sorts, and playing by the rules is important. Hence rule of law.

But ballots that don't arrive on time because they were held up by the Trump's and DeJoy's USPS, in an attempt to manipulate the election, would seem to fall in a litigation area.

Perhaps the FBI or state government / law enforcement officials in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina should open up investigations of Louie DeJoy's misuse of the USPS using DeJoy's contempt of court on election day, as a just cause. Trump and DeJoy may still possibly steal the election - not just from Biden and the Democrats - but from the American People.


If it's a Rigged Election - Its Been Rigged by the People Making the Accusations

It seems a rigged election alright - rigged by the people who are making all of the accusations.

But Trump's behavior comes as no surprise. The Donald's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, warned us in February of 2019 when he said,

"... I fear Trump won't peacefully give up the White House if he loses the 2020 election ..."

Keep your fingers crossed. We're still in need of a bit of luck.