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the character of donald j trump trump character defined by racism and violence

Mayor de Blasio, Police Commissioner Shea & the NYPD have Brought NYC Crime Back Down Below Pre-Pandemic Levels ... save for shootings where they have made a substantial number of gun arrests (+63% in Feb alone)

So Why Doesn't Murdoch's NY Post Want New Yorkers to Know?

March 29, 2021 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Corona Virus / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

Australian born billionaire Rupert Murdoch is remarkably predictable. His propaganda outlets, maintain the veil of legitimacy by employing enough real reporters, who do real news stories, to mask the manipulations of Murdoch's mass media.

Is Money, Mass Media Manipulator Murdoch's End Game?

andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postMurdoch's media outlets appear to be managed to sell papers and generate TV ratings - by hyping, amplifying and distorting the news - in order to draw attention to it. But the sick genius of Murdoch's propaganda machine, is that it appears to be designed to manipulate voter perception of people, pols and issues in order to exert a strong influence on what voters do at the ballot box.

Murdoch's media in Britain and Australia, where he has a monopolistic or oligopolistic share of traditional media, oftentimes urges those nations to "Let the People Decide" ... by relying on Murdoch's outsize share of mass media as their primary information source(s). So ultimately what he's telling the people in those nations to do, is to let Murdoch decide, just like the state controlled media in China and Russia tell their people to let dictator presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin decide.

All three dictators, as Murdoch oftentimes dictates to his audience what he wants them to do [as you will soon see], generally seem to have the same goal in mind - increase their own wealth and enhance their grip on power. The difference between what Murdoch does vis a vis what Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin is more subtle, but just as destructive to the lives of the rest of the people in these nations, because all of them are hoarding power, profit and ultimately the national potential and ability to grow, evolve, change.


Murdoch's Anarchistic Media, Taps Moronic Mob Anger, Just Like Hitler & Goebbels did

If you start paying attention to what media outlets tell you what, you'll see that Murdoch's media appear hellbent on channeling the anger and frustrations of their audiences at those in power who seem not to give Murdoch andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postwhat he wants. In New York City and New York State we have two government officials, Mayor de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, who have long been targets of Murdoch's mendacious media outlets in our fair city.

Murdoch has an oligopolistic, nearing monopolistic, share of the media in New York City. He controls the Wall St Journal, which he appears to validate the trouble stirred up by some of his less reputable outlets like the NY Post and Fox News - both of which he also controls and uses to stir the ignorant masses. In addition to Fox TV on channel 5, he also control Channel 9 [these are the broadcast TV channels], and he is the largest shareholder of Disney / ABC which he appears to be making inroads into for control of that organization / news department too. And it's worth mentioning that he controls Harper Collins Publishing, one of the largest book publishers in the nation, which just purchased Houghton, Harcourt & Miflin [HMH] Books & Media this week.

Murdoch appears to use the publishing houses to promote the candidates he wants to win high offices, like Fox weather person Janice Dean, who Murdoch seems to be promoting to NYS Governor from her weather person job. Like Trump, Murdoch is capable of convincing the public to vote for near anyone, never mind that Janice Dean seems to have little professional experience that qualifies her for the job of Governor.


Mayor de Blasio, Police Commissioner Shea & the NYPD have Brought NYC Crime Back Down Below Pre-Pandemic Levels ... save for shootings where they have made a substantial number of gun arrests (+63% in Feb alone)

So Why Doesn't Murdoch's NY Post Want New Yorkers to Know?

March 29, 2021 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Corona Virus / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.


Murdoch's Propaganda Profits - Several Huge Windfalls in Britain

andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postMurdoch has succeeded in promoting his employees to top government jobs in the past by convincing voters that his choices are the best candidates. He seems to do that, in part, by relentless disparaging of whoever it is they are runninng against, by using allegations, rumors and innuendo to discredit them. This is the same approach taken by Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels in their ascent to power, using not just the 'Big Lie' but also using the continual repetition of lies or false claims, which repeated often enough take on the illusion of reality or truth.

This is not to say Herr Murdoch is exactly like Herr Hitler or Herr Goebbels, but all seem to share a passion for mass deception in order to enrich and empower themselves. Murdoch's wins in Britain started with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who Murdoch's media backed relentlessly, while using 'news' stories so distorted that Thatcher's competitors opined that Murdoch's media appeared intent on deceiving - not informing. Thatcher won and Murdoch reaped a propaganda profit via several government apparatus / regulatory wins.

andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postOne such win was a Thatcher backing for Murdoch's acquisition of the [London] Times, giving Murdoch an outsize share of the newspaper market in Britain, which provided Murdoch with unmatched advertising pricing power. This was followed by another such win. Murdoch's media received over a year of support from Thatcher, via the use of the police, in breaking the bargaining power of the printing unions employed by Murdoch's outsize share of British newspapers - again netting Murdoch a huge windfall at the expense of the people who worked for him, and their families. And the most recent propaganda for profit example is Brexit, which enables Murdoch to pay less in taxes, and retain a dominant influence [control?] over the British government in what seems his portfolio of rotating puppets.


Propaganda for Fun & Profit - Murdoch Promoted a Former Employee to Australian Prime Minister, Which Seemed to Net Murdoch an $883 Million Tax Windfall

Murdoch's Mass Dissemination of Fake News to Americans About 'Trump's False Claims of Voter Fraud', Lands Murdoch's Fox 'News' $4.3 Billion in Defamation Lawsuits by Dominion & Smartmatic Voting Systems

andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postFor example Murdoch seemed to succeed in convincing enough Australians to vote for Tony Abbott, who once worked for Murdoch, into Prime Minister of Australia. Upon taking office, the Abbott Administration failed to file a court brief, after Tony assumed office, netting Murdoch's company nearly $883 million tax win,paid for by Australia's ignorant voters, who relied on Murdoch's monopoly share of media, as their primary source of information. Hence, "Let the People Decide". It's classic Orwellian news speak. And unfortunately, in Murdoch's latest acquisition of Harcourt & Miflin [HMH] Books & Media, Murdoch now owns the rights to some of Orwell's literature.

Most recently in this country, Murdoch's mendacious media misled the ignorant morons who rely upon Murdoch outlets for their news, about voter fraud in the past presidential election and about failed voting systems infrastructure provided by the two major purveyors of such technology: Dominion & Smartmatic.

andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postIn this situation, Murdoch continued to promote his propaganda pol, Donald Trump, as the Donald seemed to give Murdoch everything he requested. But the two voting system companies are now suing Murdoch's Fox News for a combined $4.3 billion for what appeared to be Fox News reckless disregard for the truth. Murdoch and his misleading minions should have known the truth, but seemed to ignore it because it was probably good for both Murdoch's ratings and newspaper sales. Quite honestly this seems the Murdoch modus operandi for decades, and he has previously won lawsuit(s) that have allowed him and his mendacious morons to disseminate lies with impunity.


Propaganda for Fun & Profit - Murdoch's 'Haul' During the Trump Presidency

The massive favors Trump used the U.S. federal government to grant to Murdoch included: 1) tax breaks for rich people and large international corporations, 2) a changeover in the U.S. Attorneys, one of whom was investigating Murdoch's company for sexual harassment and phone hacking of competitive journalists, 3) the andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postgreen lighting of Murdoch's inverted acquisition of Disney / ABC through both the FCC and DOJ, and 4) the recognition [and thus in some measure legitimization] of Israel's takeover of the Syrian Golan Heights.

Upon the legitimization of the Trump Administration's recognition of the Syrian Golan Heights as belonging to Israel, Murdoch's and former Vice President Dick Cheney's Genie Energy, where both men are large shareholders, was granted an exclusive license to a 153 square mile tract of land for energy exploration / development in 2019 by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The manipulative use of Murdoch's mass media to promote pols who favor him, to use the federal government apparatus to enrich and empower Murdoch, appears to be something he has been doing around the world for a half century or likely longer. The usurpation of the power of the people is made possible by each nation's ignorant voters, who rely upon Murdoch's monopoly share of media outlets and brands, as their primary source of information


Murdoch Media Relentlessly Attacks Governor Cuomo Based on Allegations & Innuendo

The NY Post has had front page attacks on Cuomo in 13 of the past 29 days. The billionaire's NY Post has published nearly two dozen of what are essentially front page attack ads, in just the past two months. The attacks started with the simultaneous promotion of their weather person, Janice Dean, for governor - while promoting her book, which was published by Murdoch's Harper Collins Publishing.

andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postThen, in what seemed like another opportunist's grab for the spotlight, Manhattan Borough President candidate Lindsey Boylan started using Murdoch's media to amplify her previously tweeted charges against the Governor of sexual harassment. In the first tweet about it, published in December, Boylan said she didn't want to speak to the press.

But that was possibly before she realized how Trump and Senators Hawley and Cruz had raised oodles of cash off of Trump's 'stop the steal' campaign, which tapped into the patriotism of those who responded. Since about February she's been speaking to the press weekly and appears - in a manner not unlike what Trump, Hawley & Cruz did - to have tapped into the fundraising and media spectacle of the now #MeToo campaign against Cuomo.

Boylan's charges against Cuomo seem muddled, as she had a more complex relationship with the Governor than some of Cuomo's other accusers, as she seemed to greatly benefit from Cuomo's attraction - until she didn't. Some of the subsequent charges by other women don't appear to be accompanied by the same sort of contextual complexity.

andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postIf true, all of the charges - save one - appear to belated call outs of bad behavior, deserving of a stern warning from Human Resources and remedial sexual harassment training. But other than the accusation that Cuomo stuck his hand up a woman's shirt - the others don't appear to rise to the level of a violation of law, but rather a violation of the norms surrounding current normative behavior. It's worth noting that the one allegation against Cuomo that could be criminal, has yet to be made official via a criminal complaint.

The last series of Murdoch's mass media attacks on the Governor were dug up by Murdoch's Wall Street Journal [see how he uses his various media megaphones to keep the conversation rolling] which allege wrongdoing by the Governor for ensuring that those around him had early access to testing, when testing availability was in short supplies. Is it wrong for a leader to make sure that those managing the crisis are kept safe?

I think most of Murdoch's mass media manipulations are designed to do what Goebbels and Hitler did, use their propaganda machine to repeat these allegations often enough to make them take on the air of truth and fact when they are still allegations and innuendo.


Why does Murdoch's NY Post Keeps Readers in the Dark?

Mayor de Blasio, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea & the NYPD Have Been Successful in Reining in NYC Crime Despite the Reallocation of Some NYPD Funding to Address Mental Illness & Policing Reforms

andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postOne thing we rarely - if ever - see in the NY Post, is the good news of the success of government officials who don't shower Murdoch with favors. Mayor de Blasio doesn't generally poll well and it's likely due in part to the stench from the news distortions and omissions by Murdoch's mass media.

I first discovered Murdoch's manipulations back in the Spring of 2016 when it appeared Murdoch was trying to stop the de Blasio Administration from renewing its management authority over the NYC Public School system. At the time de Blasio was having some good measure of success in moving the needle on NYC public school student achievement - but for the public who relied on Murdoch's mendacity machine - they likely thought the opposite.

Thankfully the NYS legislature did the right thing and renewed de Blasio's management authority over the NYC public school system, but it wasn't without a fight.


Super Rich, Ebeneezer Murdoch, Appears to Enjoy Taking from the People - Not Giving Back

andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postWhy would Murdoch do such a thing? Perhaps because de Blasio believes that the city, state and federal government should invest in its people via education. And billionaires like Murdoch, who have so much and more than they will ever need - like Scrooge - just want more. People like Murdoch don't want to contribute their fair share, they seem only to want to take, no matter what the collateral damage to others and society, they try to pay as little in taxes as possible. And in Murdoch's case he's reportedly one of the stingiest billionaires in modern American history. I've heard it said that the folks at Fox News know when Rupert Murdoch is in the building, as he's so tight, he squeaks when he walks the hallways.

The same is true with policing. Good law enforcement costs money. People like Murdoch are able and do hire their own security detail. One report of Murdoch in Australia, intimated that the Australian born billionaire needed a bigger security detail than former President Clinton, because he's so unpopular there.


NYC Crime Spiked Last Year Amidst Civil Unrest & the CoVid Pandemic

Less than a year ago, Mayor de Blasio shifted some of the NYPD funding into mental illness initiatives in andrew cuomo's troubles nursing homes harassment governor cuomo murdoch fox wsj ny postrecognition that some portion of lawbreakers are mentally ill and therefore struggle to operate effectively within societal norms and rules. There was a big battle in the press, and Murdoch - as usual - attempted to newspeak the dialogue into simplistic labels for his audience of morons in order to rile them. Kind of like Trump did with the Capitol Riot, where he appeared to incite others to break the law while slithering away with Rudy Giuliani.

In the immediate aftermath of the budget changes, and in fact actually leading up to them, there was a lot of civil unrest stemming from what appears the George Floyd murder and wrestlessness of the CoVid pandemic. In the wake of empty streets, violent crime spiked. Guns seemed to be coming into the city from sources unknown, and ending up in the hands of those who would use them. It was a confusing time, but Mayor de Blasio held a steady course, and so did NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea. These two men held steady in spite of a steady barrage of attacks by Murdoch's mass media. The Murodoch attacks on de Blasio last summer are not unlike what we're seeing from his propanda machine today, vis a vis relentilessly blasting Governor Cuomo, and telling his audience of ignorants to fire Cuomo. The 'heartless little man' Murdoch is a demonizer, just like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels were, spewing his sad, lonely, angry, venom out into the ether of ignorance.


The Mayor, Police Commissioner & NYPD Brought Murders & Other Crimes Down Again - But did Herr Murdoch's NY Post Fail to Give Fair Treatment to that Part of the Story Because it's Not Aligned with His Propaganda Promotion of Pols from Whom He Can Profit?

Congratulations are in order for Mayor de Blasio, NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot Shea and the entire NYPD for reining in crime, amist all the obstacles including Murdoch's manipulative mass media and what seemed NYPBA Union Chief Patrick Lynch's obstructionist behavior. See the chart above for a look at a few key facts, showing how the crime - which had spiked last summer - is now mostly back under control, although gun violence continues to be a problem that NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea and the NYPD are working hard to bring back down. The problem is that there are far too many guns around in spite of municipal laws regulating the purchase of them. But at least fatal shootings are down. And the Mayor de Blasio, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea and the entire NYPD deserve kudos for their efforts to bring crime back down.

Have a good week.

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