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International News / World & UN

A Look at Some of the More Relevant International / World News Stories that Impact the U.S.

January 2020 / International Affairs / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz.

This is the start of an international / world section. We'll publish stories ad hoc as resource and relevancy impact us.

International News / World & UN

A Look at Some of the More Relevant International / World News Stories that Impact the U.S.

August 2014 / International Affairs / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz. Continued.

BRICS Development Bank & Implications For The Western World

BRICS Summit 2014

BRICS Development Bank & Implications For The Western World

August 2014 / International Affairs / News Analysis & Opinion / Queens Buzz. The sixth annual BRICS Summit was held in Fortaleza, Brazil beginning July 14 and ending July 16. BRICS is an international group comprised of five of the largest developing countries in the world. The name of the group includes the first letter of each nation's name and includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

This year South Africa was added as an offical member. South Africa had attended prior sessions as a special guest. This year Argentina was invited as a special guest.

BRICS Development Bank Created With $100 Billion

The biggest achievement of the summit was the creation of the BRICS Development Bank which was to be headquartered in Shanghai, China. This is a significant step for China becoming the banker to the developing world. Financing developing nation's growth is an effort that the Chinese have been working on for over a decade and hence this is another step in that direction. The BRICS Development Bank will start with $100 billion, with an additional $100 billion in a reserve currency pool.

The BRICS Development Bank is considered a rival to the United Nations administered World Bank which is based in Washington, D.C. as well as to the International Monetary Fund [IMF] which is also based in Washington, D.C. The BRICS nations have been frustrated in their calls for reforms of what appear to be a half century old world view.

Click here to view our report on the BRICS Summit & BRICS Development Bank.

Multi-National Tax Avoidance & Its Implications

Multi National Tax Avoidance

Implications For Nations Around The World

September 2014 / International Affairs / News & Analysis / Queens Buzz. Tax avoidance by the large multi-national corporations has been growing worldwide. Government officials say it threatens to deprive governments and communities of much needed resources to provide their citizenry with adequate community infrastructure like transportation, housing, healthcare and education.

Multi-national tax avoidance has long been a problem for developing nations, such as in South Africa. President Thabo Mbeki says his country loses significant sums of tax revenue through corruption, criminal activities and multi-national tax avoidance schemes. Mbeki estimated that the continent of Africa loses $50 billion per year. Thus he joined a UN sponsored group entitled High Level Panel On Illicit Financial Flows which hopes to identify solutions / approaches to the growing worldwide problem.

Multi-national tax avoidance has also become a growing problem in the United States. U.S. President Barack Obama identified multi-national tax avoidance as a possible campaign issue for the 2014 interim elections. Several years ago, it was publicized that multi-national General Electric's effective U.S. tax rate was under 2% throughout most of the first decade of the 21st century, while the company earning in the neighborhood of a couple hundred billion dollars in profits. In the United Kingdom, Starbucks was identified as one of the skillful corporate tax dodgers since they first began operating in the U.K. in 1999.

Click here to read our report about Multi-national Tax Avoidance & its implications.

NYC - UN People's Climate March & Photos | peoples climate march nyc people's climate march photos peoples climate parade nyc 2014 parade nyc parades in manhattan nyc
NYC - UN People's Climate March & Photos

People's Climate March Photos

Over 300,000 People March / Interesting Signage / Creative Costumes / Jazzy Music / Important Message / By The People & For The People / We Are One World / We Are One People / We Must Learn To Live In Harmony With Each Other & With Our Ecosystem


September 22, 2014 / Midtown Neighborhood / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

I came up the subway stairs at Times Square Sunday, September 21, 2014 shortly before 1 pm. I had hoped to cover the People's Climate March story beginning at 11.30 am at Columbus Circle which was when the parade was to start; but I was detained and rushed to cover what I had thought might be the END of the parade. Boy, was I wrong. I ran head on into the BEGINNING of the parade, although I had missed the very front of it.


It truly was a People's Parade as there were few government officials were in attendance. According to one report I read after the parade, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined the head of the parade around 12.45 pm, which wasabout the time I had arrived, so I missed them.


peoples climate marchThere were also a few NY City Council Members who marched, versus an NYT report that indicated a third or more planned to march. I recognized three of about five NY City Councilmembers that were there: NY City Council Speaker Viverito, UWS CCM Rosenthal and Astoria Queens CCM Costa Constantinides.


Green Companies Missed Big Marketing Opportunity To Reach Their Passionate Audience

Click here later today to read our full report of the People's Climate March including hundreds of photos, and a number of parade marchers' views of what's really going on, as well as what can practically be done by regular folks about it.


Click here to read our report and view photos of the UN organized People's Climate March in NYC. Story and photos by Michael Wood.

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